Alert! Netflix to Take Action on Password Sharing Soon.

Netflix password sharing crackdown

Yes, you read that right! The streaming giant is setting up plans on cracking down password sharing. The news was initially disclosed at a Q3 earnings discussion by Greg Peters who is Chief Product Officer at Netflix.

Greg stated that Netflix is continuing to monitor the issue of password sharing. This of course eats up a huge chunk of potential earnings for Netflix. However, Greg made it clear that the crackdown would be done in a way which would not affect the existing customers.

“We’ll see those consumer-friendly ways to push on the edges of that,” Greg said.

Further adding:

“We have no plans to announce at this point in time, in terms of doing something differently.”

So one thing is sure, that it is not a rumor and Netflix will take some serious measure in the near future.

Earlier in October, Spotify started making changes on the way its Premium Family Subscription works.


Spokesperson for Spotify stated, “Family members can verify their eligibility by entering their address using Google Maps or enabling location services on their device,”

Therefore, Netflix won’t be the first one to plan such a crackdown but how and when will this take place has not be disclosed yet.

Surprisingly, no statement hints about the use of VPN. Meaning consumers can still freely use Virtual Networks to access their favorite titles across different regional libraries.

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  1. Chris says:

    Makes no sense to crack down. I use my Netflix at mariott hotels when I stay there so I don’t have to watch their boring cable!

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