Best Zombie Movies on Netflix in April 2022

Best Zombie Movies on Netflix

Zombie movies…. Ah, the heart of many!

If you have good taste in movies, watching zombie movies must be one of the fascinating movie genres for you to binge on. There is no way that people can stop themselves from watching these ruthless creatures. Zombies, the blood-hungry and ravenous creatures, are horrifying but at the same time fun to watch.

Since the zombies have entered the cinematic world, they have successfully become a fan favorite. Zombie movies are simply on another level, and you can’t compare them with other genres! People also love to watch some of the best movies on Netflix.

Now, the first-ever zombie movie director, George Romero, is often thanked for emerging a new idea and creating the first zombie movie: The Night of the Living Dead; the movie of 1968 was top-rated and is still considered the best.

These mysterious, terrifying villains are neither alive nor dead but are only hungry for flesh. So hold your heart, keep your eyes up, grab a pack of popcorn, and drive into the screens because they are here… the zombies.

We have prepared a list of 15 must-watch best zombie movies on Netflix . So without wasting any more time, let’s see those 15 movies one by one . Are you ready? Because we are!



Director: Rob Letterman

Writer: Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski, Darren Lemke

Cast: Odeya Rush, R.L. Stine, Dylan Minnette, Jack Black

If you have read the books of the Goosebumps series, you would probably relate to it more. But it’s okay if you haven’t, the movie Goosebumps will take you down to a new adventure. While a young teenage guy Zach Cooper is upset about leaving the big city and moving to a small one, he finds a beautiful neighbor, Hannah. The young guy is actually shocked to know that Hannah’s father is a famous author R.L. Stine of the best-selling series “Goosebumps.” But Cooper has mistakenly unleashed the demons out of the book. So now it is on Stine, his daughter, and Cooper to return those demons to the place they belong to. This exciting tale is safe and interesting; you can also involve your child in it.

Planet Terror

Planet Terror

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writer: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: Rose McGowan, Quentin Tarantino, Marley Shelton, Freddy Rodriguez

An unsung American movie of 2007, Planet Terror is a perfect action horror movie. The movie shows a rural town in Texas where Lt. Muldoon and a scientist named Abby are working on a deadly project, DC2, a biochemical agent. But when Muldoon gets to know that Abby has got an extra supply, he tries to take Abby Hostage. And Abby, in return, intentionally unleashes the gas in the town. Unfortunately, the gas turns all the townspeople into savage flesh-hungry zombies. Now the group of survivors of the outbreak must battle the ravenous zombies to survive and save the world before it is too late.

Rec 2

Rec 2

Director: Jaume Balagueró , Paco Plaza

Writer: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza , Manu Díez

Cast: Manuela Velasco, Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza, Pablo Rosso

As compelling and intriguing as its first part, Rec 2 is a pack of thrilling and terrifying emotions. The tale deals with one Dr Owen who takes a GEO team inside a sealed and quarantined building on purpose. They want the blood sample of a girl to prepare an antidote. But as soon as they get in, they are assaulted by zombies and get stuck. Will they make it out or become the food of those vicious monsters? Watch to find out. You can enjoy this Spanish movie with subtitles.



Director: Ruben Fleischer

Writer: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick

Cast: Woody Harrelson , Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin

So far, the most successful comedy zombie movie, Zombieland , is now counted among the top zombie movies on Netflix . The movie is a non-stop laugh-out-loud zombie comedy movie that will undoubtedly make your eyes watery. No matter how scared you are of zombies, this story will make you fall in love with such films and reduce your fear of them. As for all zombie movies, this Ruben Fleischer zombie movie is nowhere close to horror but is filled with fun.

Dead Snow

Dead Snow

Director:   Tommy Wirkola

Writer: Tommy Wirkola, Stig Frode Henriksen

Cast: Vegar Hoel, Stig Frode Henriksen, Jeppe Beck Laursen, Charlotte Frogner, Jenny Skavlan, Ørjan Gamst

The combination of horror and comedy in a sub-genre zombie movie is perfect bliss. The medical students of Norway go on a trip to the Arctic mountain to spend their Easter weekend. But when some of the students disappear, a local resident tells them something suspicious. He tells them that during World War II, the locals resisted against Nazi invaders, but the Nazis disappeared, at which everyone assumed they froze to death. The next day, the remaining visitors go on a search for the lost students but are attacked by Nazi invaders who have now zombified. To survive, they must fight them.

28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Writer:  Juan Carlos Fresnadillo , Rowan Joffe, Jesús Olmo, Enrique López Lavigne

Cast: Robert Carlyle, Imogen Poots, Jeremy Renner, Rose Byrne

After 28 weeks, the contagious virus that has turned half the population of the UK into zombies, the US military has come to secure London and announced that danger has settled. The refugees then happily return to their homeland but wait, that’s not the right ending! One of the refugees knows that the virus hasn’t ended and that it is even stronger this time. So, what’s going to happen next? Watch the movie to find out!



Director: Chris Butler, Sam Fell

Writer: Chris Butler

Cast: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Tucker Albrizzi, Casey Affleck

An engaging animated zombie tale, ParaNorman is another excellent zombie movie with a perfect combination of comedy and horror. It centers on a young boy named Norman who has a strange ability to talk to the dead. One day, his uncle tells him that a decade-old witch has cursed their town, which will show its effects in no time, and only Norman can stop it. Now Norman has to show his courage and abilities to break the curse and save the townspeople.

World War Z

World War Z

Director: Marc Forster

Writer: Max Brooks

Cast: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, Matthew Fox

A former U.N. employee, Gerry, is stuck in a gridlock with his family, and suddenly, chaos erupts, and he realises that it’s not an ordinary traffic jam. A deadly contagious virus spreads with a single bite and turns fit and healthy people into vicious monsters. As the virus is consuming lives, Gerry does research and tries to put this spread to a stop.



Director:  Stuart Gordon

Writer: H. P. Lovecraft

Cast: Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Barbara Crampton, David Gale

A funny, deft, and horror zombie movie, Re-animator , revolves around a young scientist Herbert West who has introduced a reagent that can reanimate dead bodies.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson.

Writer: Paul W.SvAnderson

Cast: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Mabius.

The Resident Evil movie is sci-fi and one of the best action movies on Netflix of recent times. In every zombie movie, zombies have been dangerous to the lives of human beings as they either kill them or turn them into inhuman creatures. The same thing is followed in this movie. The people were turning into dead flesh-eating zombies and creating violence. Now, the army has to step forward to save the locals. Efforts made by the army of any country are always remarkable. You have to stick to the film until the very end to find out their struggles.



Director: Henry Hobson

Writer: John Scott 3

Cast: Abigail Breslin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joely Richardson.

Daughters are the princesses of fathers, and one can not deny the strong bond they share. Maggie’s movie shows the proof of a father’s love. Maggie , a young girl, was turning into a cannibal after a zombie attack. Maggie’s father tries everything to save her. The desperate father spends time with her and recalls their old memories. Such a strong and heart-melting story has made many cry. Haven’t watched it yet? Watch it then.

The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts

Director: Colm McCarthy

Writer: Mike Carey

Cast: Sennia Nanua, Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close, Paddy Considine

Serving humanity is not a job anyone can do. The movie includes almost all genres like thrill, fantasy, action, and even passion. The Girl With All The Gifts is one of the top zombie movies on Netflix. Melanie, the girl, is said to have been blessed with a special kind of strength that creates a chance for her to assist the sufferers of the zombie attack.

Dawn of the dead

Dawn of the dead

Director: Zack Snyder.

Writer: James Gunn, Geroge A. Romero

Cast: Sarah Polley, Geroge A. Romero, Kim Poirier.

It takes an ample struggle to make a blockbuster movie, and here is one on our list. It’s one of the best Zombie movies on Netflix 2021. In this movie, the survivors of the dead and flesh-eaters take refuge in the shopping mall and try to manage the affairs of this infected epidemic. So hold yourself and be prepared to watch this smash-hit movie.

Train to Busan

Train to Busan

Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Writer: Yeon Sang-ho, Joo- Suk Park.

Cast: Gong Yoo, Yeon Sang-ho, Ma Dong Seok.

It takes a lot to make an absolutely fresh feeling zombie film. Train to Busan is the one. It is an unpredictable, extraordinary, and unrealistic narration. Along with his daughter, a man set off for a journey on the train to Busan to celebrate his wife’s birthday party. Unfortunately, there is an outbreak of zombies in South Korea on their way, and they are trapped in that speedy train. Watch this thriller to find out how a father and daughter save themselves. Or do they?

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

Director: Jonathan Levine

Writer: Jonathan Levine

Cast: Nicholas Hoult , Teresa Palmer, Lio Tipton, Dave Franco

It is a mixture of romance, comedy, and zombie horror. If you want to utilise an hour or two in the right way with loads of fun, then Warm Bodies is the piece of art you need. Here is a glimpse of this fantastic story. The world is badly divided into zombies and humans. A zombie comes face to face with a girl and falls in love. He protects her from other zombies and makes her realise that not all zombies are evil. Perfection in the animation makes it one of the best zombie movies on Netflix.


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen too many movies about zombies; this list is here to help! Now that you’ve read this article, you have numerous choices, and we hope you like them all. No matter what, zombie movies are something everyone would love. This article shows the fresh spin on almost all genres and top-notch movies. To spend your free time the right way, we have gathered the list of the best zombie movies on Netflix that will surely dwell you in the fictional world.

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