How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6 [Easy Workaround]

How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

Netflix is spread across over 180+ countries with thousands of movies and TV shows at our disposal. Currently, the American Netflix library is the best of them all, and you can get that through a Netflix VPN. 

But these streaming services are not always roses despite the popularity, and they too often run into numerous glitches and technical issues that may or may not want you to pull out your hair as you try to find a solution for it. 

But luckily, we know how to tackle these errors, and one of the common errors that we may come across is the Netflix Error NW-3-6. This error usually arises due to configuration issues. What may cause it and how we can resolve it, we will guide you on it. 

What Causes Netflix Error NW-3-6?

As of now, only 2 factors contribute to the following error, which are:

  • Configuration Issue: This means that your ISP or your device has run into some issue that is preventing you from streaming Netflix on your respective device. 
  • Internet Connectivity Issue: There may be an error or lag in your internet speed or connection, which may be the cause behind Netflix error NW-3-6. 

How to fix Netflix Error NW-3-6?

Below we have listed a set of methods that you can try to sort out the issues, starting from the most uncomplicated solution below:

Solution 1: Restart your Device

The most immediate solution that we have to sort the issue out for you is to restart your device. Shut it down, and restart it after pausing for a few minutes. Try logging in to your Netflix account and start streaming to see if it resolved the issue or not. 

If this didn’t sail your boat, read along for more options.

Solution 2: Check with your Internet Connection

There are two methods to check your internet connection, which are as follows:

  1. Restart your router or modem. Press the power button on your router to shut it down, and after 10-15 seconds, repress to switch it on. Now restart your device and see if Netflix starts streaming properly or not. 
  2. Use a wired connection. This means the use of a cable that connects your wifi modem to your device. No launch Netflix again to test it out. 

If these methods fail you, then try another way mentioned below.

Solution 3: Disconnect your VPN

If you are using a VPN to access the American Netflix catalog, we suggest you disconnect from it and stream your local Netflix library. If it resolves the issue, we recommend you subscribe to a reliable Netflix VPN that will prevent Netflix error NW-3-6 and lets you easily bypass the Netflix proxy and streaming error.

And if a VPN is not part of your plans or package, then contact your ISP and ensure that your router or connection is stable enough to stream Netflix without any bandwidth issues along the way. 

If you own a gaming console or any other device apart from your PC or laptop where the issue arises, then the following hacks may sort it out for you. 

Solution 4: Verify DNS settings 

During configuration, your devices may come across issues that cause them to corrupt your DNS or IP addresses, resulting in an error as you stream on Netflix. You can re-configure to get rid of any corrupt data through the following methods. 

For PlayStation

  1. Visit Settings.
  2. Choose Network Settings and then Internet Connection Settings.
  3. Select Customs.
  4. Choose WiFi.
  5. Select Automatic for IP Address Setting.
  6. Click on Do Not Set for DHCP hostname.
  7. Automatic for DNS Setting.
  8. Automatic for MTU.
  9. Do Not Use for Proxy Server
  10. Save all the changes and select Test Connection.
  11. Restart your console and try watching Netflix again.

For Xbox

  1. Launch your Xbox device.
  2. Go to Setting choose System Setting.
  3. Select Network Setting.
  4. Go to Network and select Configure Network.
  5. Visit DNS Settings and select Automatic.
  6. Restart your Xbox device after a pause and try streaming Netflix again.
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