How to Get American Netflix on PS4 & PS5 in Canada (2021)

How to Get American Netflix on PS4 & PS5 in Canada (2021)

Ever wonder how to get American Netflix on PS4 and PS5 in Canada? Netflix has 190+ million subscribers all around the world. However, because of content distribution policies, many of them including me who love to access US Netflix because of its vast content library compared to other countries Netflix.

Below I will provide you easy steps to access all the US Netflix exclusive titles on your PS4 or PS5 in Canada.

Unfortunately, changing DNS location to unblock Netflix USA on PlayStation in other countries no longer works. This is because Netflix uses different methods to block the users if they try to access the content that is not available in their country.

However, with the compatible VPN, you can get American Netflix on your PS4 or PS5 in Canada. Here is how you can do it.

How to Get American Netflix on PS4 or PS5 in Canada (Easy Steps)

Setting up a VPN or Virtual Private Network on your PS4 or PS5 is a bit complicated as it does not support VPN app like other devices such as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Firestick.

However once you set up a VPN on your PlayStation, it is very simple to get American Netflix in Canada. Here are the three method that you can use to set up a VPN on your PS4 or PS5:

  • Set up Smart DNS via VPN
  • Set up a VPN on your Home Router
  • Get a Preconfigured Router

Method 1: Set Up a Smart DNS via VPN

  1. First, sign up for a VPN that works with Netflix. I highly recommend ExpressVPN as it offers a dedicated MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Now sign in to your VPN account on ExpressVPN official website.
  3. Head to DNS Settings and below “IP address registration”, click “Register my IP address”. If already says “Registered” next to your IP address, then there is no need to do it again.
  4. Now turn on “Automatically register my IP address”.
  5. Now go to the “ExpressVPN setup page for PlayStation” where you will find the MediaStreamer smart DNS. Note it down because you need it later.
  6. Launch your PS4 or PS5, go in to “Settings”, and select “Network”.
  7. Now select “Set Up Internet Connection” and select “Use Wi-Fi” or “Use a Lan” depends on how your PlayStation is connected with the internet.
  8. Now select “Custom” > select your Wi-Fi connection and enter a password.
  9. Select “IP Address Settings” and then choose “Automatic”.
  10. It will ask you for “DCHP Host Name”, select “Do Not Specify”.
  11. Now for “DNS Settings”, choose “Manual” > select “Primary DNS” and enter the IP address that you noted down before.
  12. Now select “Next” without entering the Secondary DNS.
  13. For “MTU Settings” and then select “Automatic”.
  14. For “Proxy Server”, choose the “Do Not Use” option.
  15. Now for updating internet settings, select “Test Internet Connection”.
  16. Now restart your PlayStation. After that, your Smart DNS will change.
  17. Go to the Netflix app and start streaming all the US Netflix titles in Canada.

Method 2: Set Up VPN on Your Home Router

  1. Open the browser on your laptop/PC and enter “” in the URL. It will open the router dashboard.
  2. Now click “Sevices” and then select “VPN” to open it.
  3. Now check the “Enable” box next to “Start Open Client”.
  4. Contact your VPN provider support and add the relevant settings (I highly recommend ExpressVPN because of its competent 24/7 live chat support).
  5. Now connect your PS4 or PS5 with your home router.
  6. Open the Netflix app and start streaming US Netflix on PlayStation in Canada.

Method 3: Get a Preconfigured Router

To avoid the hassle, you can also purchase a preconfigured routers if you do not have much time to follow the mentioned above steps. Few providers offer preconfigured Tomato VPN and DD-WRT routers, including ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and PureVPN.

In this way, you don’t need to set up a VPN separately on PlayStation and can access directly by connecting to the US server to watch US Netflix in Canada.

Best VPNs to Get American Netflix on PS4 and PS5 in Canada

ScreenBinge tested 50+ VPNs to unblock US Netflix on PlayStation outside America. And I found the following three VPNs as the best VPNs to get American Netflix on PS4 and PS5 in Canada:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch US Netflix on PS4 and PS5 in Canada. This provider offers dedicated MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) for devices like PlayStation, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TV, and Xbox that do not support VPN app to access all the geo-restricted content regardless of where you are.

It offers 3000+ servers in 90+ countries, including 300+ fastest servers that consistently unblock Netflix USA and other 32 regions of Netflix in HD without any video lags and buffering issues.

With ExpressVPN, you can unblock your favorite version of Netflix on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chromecast, and Firestick.

And using ExpressVPN is totally risk-free as it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is a pocket-friendly VPN to get American Netflix on PS4 and PS5 in Canada. This provider stand-alone Smart DNS service that you can set up on your PlayStation to access geo-restricted content from anywhere.

Overall it offers 3200+ servers in 60+ countries and 500+ US servers. During testing, Surfshark was flawlessly working with US Netflix on PlayStation.

It can also unblock other popular regions of Netflix, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

And it is the only provider in the list that offers unlimited simultaneous connections on a single account and also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. PureVPN

PureVPN is a reliable VPN to access American Netflix on PS4 and PS5 in Canada. Like other VPNs in this list, this provider also offers Smart DNS for PlayStation and other gaming consoles to watch the geo-restricted content from abroad.

Apart from US Netflix, this provider can also unblock 6 regions of Netflix, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, and Italy.

It offers 10 simultaneous connections and comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee.

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