Netflix & Sleep – Survey Reveals Shocking Stats

Netflix Addiction

Netflix and Chill? That’s what a lot of people have started doing during the long and never-ending Covid-19 lockdown. Team ScreenBinge ran an extensive investigation including 2000 participants aged 18-65, to study peoples binging habits and behaviors.

And the results surprised us! The team interviewed participants and asked them questions related to the time spent watching Netflix, where they watched it when they watched it, and so on. This was important to create a full study without missing out on any important variables.

We do know Netflix is HUGE, but did you know around 69.9 million of U.S citizens have a Netflix account?

Amerian netflix sleep study

How Much Netflix are Americans Watching? Are they missing out on sleep?

Yes, definitely some people are watching way too much which can be unhealthy and disturb your sleep cycle! 75% of Netflix users don’t get the ideal 7-hour sleep every day, while more than 80% of Millennials have watched Netflix in a stretch for almost 6.7 hours.

How long do people watch netflix

For now that we see, that there’s a certain segment that’s depriving itself of sleep, we also know where people watch Netflix the most and if there’s any difference in viewing behaviors due to genders.

Independent Community Survey

We did an independent community survey as well so that we could match the results with our 2000 participant survey. This was done because people sometimes in a mass survey may give misleading answers just to get done with the survey.

However, the community result does match with our survey indicating that the data is accurate.

average hours people watch netflix

Sleep Problems and Sickness

Taking into consideration that 75% of our participants were getting less than 7 hours of sleep, due to binge-watching, the question arises if Netflix is really addictive. And all the signs show that it is indeed the case.

sleep problems with netflix

This unhealthy lifestyle really does mess up with your sleeping pattern and REM cycles, often leading to mental exhaustion, insomnia, disturbed sleep, and of course vision problems.

sleep problems related to netflix

Sleeping less than 7 hours a day has serious mental health issues, such as forgetfulness, mood swings, and overall damage to the body even as it does not get rest. This could lead to further illnesses. If you don’t sleep enough for a long time, there can be irreversible brain damage.

46% of Americans admitted that they experience sleep problems after a long binging session. Surprisingly 13% of those people use some kind of sleeping supplements or drugs to reduce the impact of Netflix on their sleeping patterns, 62.5% of them are Millennials.

Gender Breakdown

As with all studies, the common two-variable have been taken into account equally. Men are a little bit more inclined to watching Netflix than Women, but it’s a tiny negligible difference. While 0.49% of the participants identified themselves as gender-neutral.

gender wise netflix viewers

Agewise Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown based on age, so that we know which age group utilizes the streaming platform the most!

age wise netflix viewers

It is no surprise that the millennials are the one’s binging on their screens the most. One reason for this is that most of the content created and released cater to the interest of this age group.

Now that we know what age group is consuming the most content and the genders as well, let’s have oversight about where do most people watch Netflix at, does the couch win, or does the comfy mattress of your bed is more popular?

Most Popular Room to Watch Netflix

Yeah, the two prominent places, the bedroom and Living Room take the majority share, but around 5% of people also use it in other places. This could be in the office, on the train, or on the toilet seat! LOL. So yeah people have interesting places to watch Netflix.

Most popular room to watch netflix

In one rare case, a politician was noticed watching Netflix even inside the parliament!

What Do People Prefer to do in their Free Time?

Another question that we asked are participants was what they would prefer to do during their free time, a staggering 40% would prefer watching Netflix.

people prefer netflix over everything

The streaming giant doesn’t only have the highest market share but it also has the highest share of your time!

Wrapping Up!

The online streaming community is growing rapidly! The study shows how the biggest streaming service in the world with around 140 Million+ subscriptions is affecting the health of people. ScreenBinge has collected detailed stats that we are willing to share with any research or publishing body.

But all is not bad, during this period of lockdown, there is no denying that it has immensely helped people survive the self-isolation so far.

Watching video content in moderation itself is healthy and of course fun! However, too much of anything can have adverse consequences. Who knew watching Netflix could lead to taking sleeping aids?



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