Netflix- Now Faster and Cheaper For Android Users!

Yes! Netflix lately announced it has started using AV1 on Android which helps compress files better resulting in saving data as well.

The implication of high performance compression technology a massive 20% savings are made in comparison to the conventional VP9.

The breakthrough is an outcome of the Alliance for Open Media, founders include Google, Netflix, and Amazon & other large video providers.

As per Netflix, it aims to roll out the AV1 on all their platforms commenting on how cellular networks lack credibility and limited data plans make it expensive to enjoy content on the go. Netflix also pointed out how it would help out subscribers in countries where data availability is scarce and expensive.

To get this feature on, follow these steps:

Upon starting, go to Settings >App Settings > Cellular Data Usage > Save Data

netflix save data

Netflix says,  “Our AV1 support on Android leverages the open-source dav1d decoder built by the VideoLAN, VLC, and FFmpeg communities and sponsored by the Alliance for Open Media. Here we have optimized dav1d so that it can play Netflix content, which is 10-bit color. In the spirit of making AV1 widely available, we are sponsoring an open-source effort to optimize 10-bit performance”

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