Urgent Warning! Netflix Phishing Scams

Netflix scam

Netflix customers are being targeted by scammers through swindling emails. Email security service Mail Guard raised the concern first regarding the fraudulent emails on Friday. The emails are prepared in such a way that they look like official Netflix mails, asking customers to provide bank account details.


The scam has been aimed at Netflix users in Australia, targeting them to gain their bank account details. MailGuard raised their voice about the incident when customers started receiving emails appearing to be from Netflix stating that their subscription had been canceled.

The email has a reactivation tab which takes you to a Netflix branded phishing page, making people believe that it is the real Netflix behind it. Once the user logs into their account, the fake Netflix page shows a notification that their account has been suspended and requires the user to update payment information!

Friday morning MailGuard observed that these malicious emails were being sent to email addresses all over Australia. The display name used on the emails is “Netflix” with the rest of the part being ‘info.mailer.netflix.com.’ This is not the first event when the Netflix brand name is being used for scams, being one of the largest platform in the entertainment industry it makes for an easy target as there are millions of subscribers.

The email in itself contains several hints of not being from the real Netflix, such as grammatical errors and instructions in French in the footer which are very obvious red flags! So users must be really careful and scrutinize such emails before proceeding further.

No need to panic though, you can still enjoy your favorite movies and TV series on Netflix, no matter where you are! Just be careful and scrutinize any such mail before providing payment details or any sensitive data.

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