Angelina Jolie Accused Of Being A Homewrecker; Struggling To Date After Divorce.

angelina jolie accuesed for being a homewrecker

Angelina Jolie has ruled over Hollywood with her undeniable talent and skills, be it the stunts scenes in Tomb Raider or the captivating performance in the Maleficient. However, Jolie has always been surrounded by controversies. While the actor has been struggling to be a good mother, social platforms show her as a homewrecker.

Here are a few instances where the actress has been falsely alleged of being indulged in breaking marriages and prowling men.

Angelina Jolie Trying for Chris Hemsworth

As per the magazine Life & Style, Jolie tried to destroy Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth’s relationship. The two met as Marvel co-stars and developed an “instant bond”, which resulted in a few heated arguments between the couple.


Pataky’s stance was that “Angelina has used her charm to steal husbands before, so why shouldn’t she be?”. However, all of that was bogus as the couple is still happily together!

On the Lookout For Women

The Globe made also made Jolie look desperate to date. According to the magazine “Her friends are searching for a sensitive ‘normal’ woman who can keep up with her mentally, physically, and emotionally,”. Jolie was “not allowing men on her bed” and instead jumped back into the dating universe.

michelle_angelina-and_angelina jolie

However, these too were just baseless stories as another magazine reported the exact opposite of this news. So there are no solid or evident clues that lead to either of the story being true. Angelina Jolie is more concerned about bringing up her adopted children rather than out for a romantic hunt.

Eyes on Kit Harington

Life & Style also reported that the two were found to be intimate and seen flirting around on the set of The Eternals. According Rose Leslie, she was concerned that the two actors were getting way too comfortable with each other. “While Kit will never act on it, it is Angelina Jolie,” an unnamed source said. “Her effect on men is undeniable. “Rose has little to worry about on Kit’s end,” another source said, “but she should keep an eye on her back.”


The article put the complete blame for the dissolution of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s marriage on Angelina Jolie, which is just way too wrong. As you might have noted, this case was almost exactly the same as the Hemsworth story, with the exception of a few names.

Indulgence with Johhny Depp

Angelina jolie_johnny depp

The Star magazine also put on a cover page once with the words “Johnny cheated with Angelina,” However, it was only to make an attention-grabbing cover page. As the magazine or the article never even once mentioned an instance between Depp and Jolie. The max that was mentioned of Jolie was a caption stating “the other woman?” The news made it seem as if Jolie was to blame for Depp and Amber Heard’s breakup, but their bond ended for causes unrelated to Angelina Jolie.

Our Opinion

Jolie has been nothing but a saint all these years, she has visited war struck areas to help the people in need and has shown that she will be there whenever the world needs her. From 2002 Jolie started adopting refugee children and by this time she has six children that she is caring for and also intends to adopt a 7th child.

angelina jolie children

From her acts and moves, it surely shines brightly that she has a heart of gold!

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