Batman Was Planned to be Killed in Snyder’s Justice League Part 2

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Zack Synder’s original concept of the Justice League is to be released this week, keeping all the previously planned superheroes in the film to fight the intriguing villain Darkseid. Earlier this month the story maps of Part 2 and 3 were leaked on the web, the maps indicated the death of Batman and how he would die saving an innocent person randomly standing on the streets.

Immediately after the storyboards had been leaked, disclosing Synder’s ideas, the director has left a question mark as to whether he would continue to work for the franchise or not.

Synder’s plans back in 2017 for the Justice League were completely different and were to start a DC Comics series that involved a multitude of superheroes from the DCEU. At the beginning of March Geekosity put out the storyboards of Justice League Part 2 and 3 after which the Warner Bros. decided to trash them!

It was in these leaked storyboards only, that we found out that Amy Adams who plays Lois Lane is killed by the monstrous villain Darkseid. The act was only done to hurt Superman as Lois was his only weakness, but the question arises, if you free a man of his weakness, wouldn’t that make him invincible?

Another scene that seems very interesting is that it is revealed in the storyboard that Batman finds out that he is not the father of Lois’s baby, just right before Superman arrives to see her get killed by Darkseid.

As Superman watches that Batman did not try to save Lois and had shared intimate moments with her, he is totally depressed and broken emotionally. And this is exactly what the Darkseid needed to take the anti-life equation and make a puppet of Superman.

Every villain has some sort of special power and in the case of Darkseid, it is his anti-life equation that he uses to make people do and act as he wishes. And now that Superman is in control of Darkseid, it would be very interesting to watch the rest of the Justice League try to protect him as he comes to avenge each one of them for the death of Lois.

To fix things up, Batman asks Flash to run back in time and convey a message to his own past self. Batman tells him to Time Jump before Lois died and tell Batman, “Lois lied to you. You’re the father.”

And so Flash uses his special powers and appears before Batman and gives him the message before Lois dies, with the news delivered to Batman his view on her death changes. While in the new timeline Batman jumps in front of Darkseid and protects Lois, resulting in his own death and saving Lois.

Superman arrives at the scene and witnesses Batman’s sacrifice, Superman then goes all bazaam on Darkseid and attacks him, driving him away from earth.

What is lastly shown is that Bruce’s son grows up to be a new version of Batman, fighting crime, saving the city… the usual batman stuff.

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