Bird Box 2– Sequel in The Making: Malerman Opens Up


While Netflix has not made any official statement, Novelist Josh Malerman whose work inspired Sandra Bullock starring Bird Box has said in a statement to Inverse,“I can’t say much, but I can say that it is in development. Sometimes it’s weird, all this secrecy, but I’m game.”

That’s pretty much all that is out about the sequel yet, but if it is to be based on the novel’s second part, “Malorie” we can make out a few guesses. The novel is set 12 years after the original events, which indicates that we can assume to see the kids as teenagers and Bullock a bit older.

The sequel of the novel also reveals that the monsters are much more horrific this time!

Despite not knowing whether Sandra Bullock will sign up for this sequel or someone else is going to take the lead, we for now only are sure about the fact that Bird Box 2 is in development at Netflix.

The original sure does focus a lot on motherhood, director Susanne Bier previously said,

“When I read the script I felt there was the potential to portray a different picture of motherhood than that which is usually portrayed.

“I’ve always felt that motherhood is mainly defined by men and for many hundreds of years is automatically thought of as being soft, caring, naturally nurturing, calm.

“There are a lot of things that are part of our idealised vision of motherhood, but I always thought it was much more complex, much more ferocious … I think that’s what Sandra gives it.”

Despite the fact that, Netflix has made no official declaration with respect to Bird Box 2, but Malerman’s confirmation of advancement having started seems to persuade the streaming service to make a statement sometime in the near future. Regardless of when they choose to form an official announcement, Malerman’s affirmation that things are moving forward on the movie adaptation of his novel comes at the perfect time for fans to surge out and pick up a copy of the film

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