Black Widow To Feature Iron Man?


Well, the Black Widow is set to release in May 2020 and we fans are more than excited! Scarlett Johansson’s acting in the trailer alone is promising enough to make fans go crazy. The movie looks well balanced, at least judging by the trailer and her role does not seem to drift off track.

BUT WAIT! Fans have been creating theories that prove that the Iron Man will also feature in the Black Widow. Since the whole Black Widow scene is set before the end game era, there are chances that we will be seeing the charismatic Robert Downy Jr. in the upcoming film.

The theory comes in from the IMDb cast for Black Widow and fan theories from social media and it totally makes sense. Now we don’t really know what role Iron Man will have in the movie, it could even be only a flashback scene where the two meet or maybe more than that.

iron man_imdb

Furthermore, fans on social media seem to be pretty sure that the film will have Iron Man. You can see fans discussing the theory and some of them seem to be very sure about Iron Man’s appearance. The events of Black Widow take place between the civil war and infinity war so as we can see fans commenting it makes perfect sense.


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Mohid Moosani

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