Star Wars’ John Boyega Shares how ‘The Wire’ Played a Huge Hand in His Career


Deadline introduced “The Film That Lit My Fuse” as a video series that will provide an antidote to the industry regarding headlines that question the creative choices, inspirations, and influences of the best screen artists today.

Each installment tackles five main questions, and today’s subject is none other than John Boyega. His most recent performance is in a tense thriller called Breaking, where he’s playing an army veteran who suffers from PTSD and has a hard time adjusting to civilian life as the bureaucratic system has no regard for men who fought for the country and keeps throwing obstacles at them.

The vet just wants to get what he’s owed; unfortunately, he stumbles upon a hostage situation. Among the roles Boyega has played, this one shows maturity in his work compared to his role in the sci-fi film Attack the Block.

The list also includes Small Axe, an anthology directed by Steve McQueen where Boyega plays a man who joins the police force that’s overrun by racism, and he intends on bringing about a change in the system, much to his father’s anger.

Boyega has also been a part of the Star Wars saga, where he played one of the most powerful Star Wars characters, Finn. Recently, the actor shared his two cents on how he was too heartbroken to go through the leaked Star Wars: Fate of Duels script online.

He also starred in Kathryn Bigelow’s race riot drama Detroit and in Pacific Rim: Uprising.

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During Attack the Block, Boyega legit grew up in front of the camera, letting him learn first-hand instead of going on weekend trips to cinemas and gaining insights like typical kids who dream of debuting. Currently, a sequel for the said movie is in the works with the director and writer Joe Cornish.

According to Boyega, the groundbreaking series “The Wire” was an eye-opener and an inspiration for him, and how it helped him decide on his career. The up and rising star will be next seen in The Woman King, to be debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

For Boyega, his co-star in “Breaking” Michael K. Williams will always be more than an inspiration for him. To this day, he still remembers how he met the late star for the first time.

“The first time I met him, he accidentally walked into my trailer. We spoke, and we cheered each other on, gave each other words of encouragement, which is very important. And from then on, we were on set working. And it was great.”

“Breaking” was Williams’ last movie to be released as he passed away a year prior due to a drug overdose at the age of 54.

A glimpse of “Breaking” by Bleecker Street films:

Terry Plucknett also shared a review of John Boyega’s “Breaking:”

John Boyega and Michael K. Williams’ “Breaking” is now available in theaters. Book a ticket to your nearest one and watch this spectacle right away.

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