Bridgerton Season 2 Holds Record of the Most popular English Language Netflix Series

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Season 2 of Bridgerton now holds the top spot as the most-watched English-language Netflix series of all time, with a whopping 627.11M hours viewed in 28 days.

The show’s season 1 held this record earlier, with over 625.9M hours of viewership in the first 28 days. So now, we have the two seasons of Bridgerton occupying the top 2 places in the most-viewed category of the streaming platform. 

Netflix broke the news in excitement this week regarding the success of Season 2. Season 1 of Bridgerton was released around Christmas in 2020, leaving everyone to wonder about a new season.

Around 25th March 2022, season 2 was released and it gained a much higher viewership than before. Some might say that Netflix’s metric of most viewership in 28 days makes or breaks the series’ popularity.

The fans loved the chemistry between Kate and Anthony (or Kanthony) in season 2 and expressed their joys of the season’s success. 

In addition to the 28-days record-setting number, the season also tallied 66.61M hours this week and ranked in the Top 10 in over 88 countries (last updated 17th April 2022).

Despite the success of Bridgerton Season 2, it is still no match for the South Korean sensation Squid Game which has amassed 1.65 billion hours of viewership in the first 28 days

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The highly anticipated 19th Century period drama series Bridgerton revolves around the royal Bridgerton family who grow up in glitz and glamour. Although many suitors would go head over heels for the cast (as would the fans), their eyes are locked on true romantic endeavors of their own.

Season 2 of the show followed their eldest, Anthony who searches for a suitable bride to become his Viscountess. He plans to marry the youngest of the two in the Sharma family, but his plans are thwarted by the elder sister, Kate Sharma. In this tension, the two get closer and eventually fall for each other. 

This week’s top 10 viewed English language series on Netflix are The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On: Season 1 (58.4M hours), Anatomy of a Scandal: Limited Series (40.2M hours), Bridgerton: Season 1 (23.3M hours), Our Great National Parks: Limited Series (17M hours), Investing Anna: Limited Series (13.6M hours), Queen of the South: Season 5 (13.1M hours), Better Call Saul: Season 5 (12.4M hours), Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story: Limited Series (11.4M hours), and Is It Cake?: Season 1 (11.2M hours). 

Ever since the show’s debut on Netflix, it has swept the fans away and continues to make record-breaking progress. Right now, there is no confirmation on season 3 of Bridgerton but this kind of success compels the show to be renewed for more seasons. Stay tuned for updates.  

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