Britney Spears’s Dad ‘very concerned’ about ‘dangerous rhetoric’ Against Conservators

Britney Spear’s father is ‘concerned’ about the ‘dangerous rhetoric’ related to her daughter’s conservatorship and the amount of public interest that has grown into it.

The ‘Princess of Pop’ has been under legal guardianship known as conservatorship since 2008 when her mental health crisis went public. Her appeal against her father over the oppressive conservatorship was denied in court last month. Still, it has raised many eyebrows, and the perception against the conservators has become quite negative.

Briney’s father ‘Jamie Spears’ admits that there has been an increase in death threats against the conservators ever since the hearing took place. However, he does not approve of Jodi Montgomery’s (Britney’s co-conservator) request for 24/7 protection for an indefinite period of time.

According to a report by USA TODAY, they have obtained a new court filing in which Jamie Spears says that he is “very concerned” because of the “dangerous rhetoric that has been circulating for quite some time.”

As a co-conservator of Britney Spears’ financials, Jamie Spears revealed that he and others involved in the conservatorship have been receiving “innumerable and ongoing threats” for the past few years. According to him, soon after the hearing a few weeks back, there has been a rise in these threats.

Britney Spears accused her father, Montgomery, and her management of being abusive during the hearing. After which, Jodi Montgomery has submitted a petition past Wednesday, requesting the court to order Britney’s estate to pay for her round-the-clock security. He stated that there had been a “marked increase” in the threats after the singer accused him during the court hearing.

The statements from the court documents read,

The increasing number of threatening communications and social media posts directed to individuals involved in the conservatorship, apparently including Ms. Montgomery now.

Mr. Spears himself and his counsel have also received similar threatening communications, including threats of violence and death, for some time.

However, Jamie Spears has requested the court on Thursday to deny Montgomery’s request, claiming that it would cost $50,000 per month, and it does not seem “necessary.”

According to the court documents,

Mr. Spears does not believe such an expense is reasonable, necessary, or a proper expense of the Conservatorship Estate.

According to Britney’s father, her estate cannot afford such an expense. Jamie’s legal team has said that in case the court approves Montgomery’s request for protection, then “fairness should dictate that everyone who claims he or she is being threatened should have the same security services as Ms. Montgomery.

The court document reads,

Ms. Montgomery is not the only person who might seek additional protection to be paid by the Estate.

Ms. Montgomery was already granted a patrol watch when she contacted the local sheriff’s department. Jamie Spears has questioned if she needs any additional security even after being granted a patrol watch.

As per the petition filed by Ms. Montgomery, the nature of the threats is violence, and she has even received death threats. Despite having the patrol watch, Ms. Montgomery believes that her security protocol needs to be updated, and the court should approve her request for security expenses from Britney Spear’s estate.

This new development in Britney Spears’ case has caused an uproar on social media and people have been discussing Jodi’s request for security. Here are some of the tweets, showing the public narrative:

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