Britney Spears’ Attorney Accuses Jamie Spears for ‘Harassing and Bullying His Daughter’

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The court battles of famed pop singer, Britney Spears, continue to escalate after some success was earned in favor of the artist through her lawyer, Mathew Rosengrat. He pushes the judges to restrict her father, Jamie Spears, from accessing private investigation files, given the evidence that her father continues to “harass, intimidate, and bully” her.

In November 2021, the court had ruled in favor of Britney and removed Jamie Spears’ conservatorship, but the matter did not end there. Mathew S. Rosengart now pursues the investigation of abuse during the 13-year-long conservatorship, followed by filing legal papers to destroy the subpoena pushed by James’ legal team.

He is accused of seeking confidential files through a private investigator. Jamie also has failed to appear at three depositions on this matter, upon which the lawyer requests him to ‘submit the final accounting’ he ‘leave his daughter alone and move on’ 

The document reveals that Kroll, the investigator of Jamie Spears’ ill-treatment of his daughter’s estate and criminal wrongdoings, was asked by the father to turn over reports of any reports prepared against him.

These reports included dealings, communication with analysts, and other private confidential details. Jamie also requested access to data collected from the interview of Kroll with Black Box Security employee, Alex Vlasov. 

Black Box Security claimed to have recorded and monitored Britney’s phone conversations, and also bugged her bedroom. It even had recorded conversations with Britney’s tour staffer Marc Delcone.

Furthermore, Jamie requested getting his hands on documents on John Zabel, who was Britney’s temporary co-conservator and records acquired by Kroll from Tri Star Sports and Entertainment, Britney’s former business manager. 

Newly revealed court documents show Rosengart’s comment on Britney’s father’s failure to appear for his deposition thrice. He now objects to being deposed in Los Angeles since he resides in the star’s hometown, Kentwood LA.

“Mr. Spears can run, but he cannot hide from his deposition forever,” Rosengart claims in the filing, further adding that the deposition can take place “in any city or state, including Kentwood.”

“It has been an honor to represent and seek to protect Britney Spears from further trauma and abuse. In that regard, we respectfully submit that a decent father, a father who truly loved his daughter…would place his daughter’s interests above his own,” Rosengart states in the docs.

“Such a father would show grace and decency and cease and desist from bullying and harassing his daughter. Even if he disagreed with the evidence concerning the trauma and abuse she endured… this is what a ‘loving,’ ‘protective’ father would do.”

He further writes After reigning over the 13-year conservatorship, from which Mr. Spears enriched himself by reaping at least $6.3 million from his daughter’s Estate while paying others close to him tens of millions more, Mr. Spears’s reign ended,” Rosengart wrote.

“Mr. Spears has nevertheless continued to importune, seeking to harass, intimidate and bully his daughter…”

“He should cooperate and tell the truth rather than obfuscating and stonewalling,” He shared.

“He should waive the Fifth Amendment. He should properly and professionally transfer all files (including all communications with his counsel during the conservatorship); he should answer all questions regarding his administration of the conservatorship, including regarding his activities in concert with Tri Star Sports & Entertainment (“Tri Star”) and Black Box Security, Inc.; and he should appear promptly for his deposition rather than hiding. He should then finish his final ministerial duties, submit the final accounting, leave his daughter alone, and move on. This is what a father who truly ‘loved’ his daughter would do.”

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Rosengart questioned why Jamie did not go for LPS conservatorship, which has much better protections for conservatees. All evidence points to Jamie who placed his daughter into a long-term probate conservatorship generally intended for those with ‘dementia” a situation that rarely improves over time.

The next conservatorship hearing will take place on 27th July 2022, exactly one year after Britney was given autonomy of hiring a lawyer of her own choice. Rosengart was a former federal prosecutor who’s been after Jamie since September.

During these difficult years, fans have gathered in support of Britney’s well-being and popularised the tag #FreeBritney, which compelled the courts to end the conservatorship in November 2021. 

Although the legal arrangements are over, the proceedings are still in progress that is aimed at tying up loose ends. Jamie even requested that his daughter wavers the millions in legal fees. Britney recently announced her third pregnancy after she was forced to use birth control during conservatorship. 

She objected to covering her mother Lynne Spears’s $663,00 in legal fees. After so many years of conservatorship, the star claims that her family “should all be in jail.” She was forced into an in-patient psychiatric care program against her will. 

Britney is getting an overwhelming level of love and support from the crowd, especially after watching the documentaries made about her struggle like “Framing Britney Spears” and Netflix’s “Britney vs. Spears.” She is determined to break free from such abuse and happily welcome her third baby with her fiance, Sam Asghari. Stay tuned for more updates

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