DC Developer’s BTS On An Upcoming Marvel MMO – Multiplayer Video Game!

As revealed in an investor presentation yesterday, DC Universe Online ‘Dimensional Ink’ game studio that is based in Austin is developing a “Marvel IP based massively multiplayer online game.” However, as per the information disclosed in the same presentation, fans would have to wait a few years before they can see a sneak peek of the upcoming multiplayer superhero game.

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As reported by Eurogamer and spotted by streamer Miller on Twitter, the parent company of Daybreak Enad Global 7 released its financial report of 2021 Quarter 3. The presentation, which is also available online, revealed that the company subtly announced that devs behind Daybreak and Dimensional Ink were working on a new Marvel MMO “utilizing Marvel IP.”

In addition, the presentation also unveiled that Jack Emmert will lead the unannounced Marvel MMO project. Emmert is currently leading DC Universe Online, but prior to this assignment, he famously helped develop and run City of Heroes and also co-founded Cryptic Studios, the studio behind that MMO.

The project is listed as a “longer-term” project after 2022. So it’s very likely that this multiplayer game will be available around 2023 or 2024.

As a matter of fact, during 2019, it was reported that Daybreak started to develop a Marvel MMO somewhere during 2018; however, the layoffs within the studio heavily affected the project. Shortly after that crisis, the Marvel game was apparently sidelined. However, it seems that DC Universe Online has reignited its interest in the project, and rightly so as the comic book superheroes never stay in the slumber for long.

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However, Marvel, Daybreak, and Dimensional Ink haven’t officially confirmed the news yet.

Optimistically speaking, we hope this Marvel MMO comes out as a success than the previous attempt. Before canceling the Marvel MMO in 2018, there was the release of the failed Marvel Heroes in 2013, which got canceled following a few name changes in 2017. Moreover, before all of this, Emmert-led Cryptic Studios was also working on a Marvel MMO with Microsoft. But that project was also canceled in 2008 and reemerged as Champions Online, which is still available in 2021.

Moving forward, if we go through the presentation, it also reveals that ‘The Lord of the Rings Online will be going through a “major revamp to upgrade the visuals, modernize the experience, and release on consoles” as Amazon’s own The Lord of the Rings series is expected to come.

DC Universe Online has celebrated its 10th anniversary lately, and there are plans of an “investment in graphics upgrade and the largest expansion content to date for 2023.”

There’s also a possibility that there may have been several Marvel MMOs that have been planned, announced, and canceled over the past few years. However, the recent inflow of Marvel games implies that the world is ready for a Marvel MMO. In fact, ‘Future Revolution’ is already out on mobile phones and tablets and is pretty awesome.

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