Carroll Baker says Bill Cosby’s Prison Sentence was ‘a sin’: ‘I don’t think it was his fault’

The 90-year-old ‘Baby Doll’ star ‘Carroll Baker’ didn’t hold back from defending Bill Cosby, calling him a “wonderful human being,” and blamed the women who came forward with the accusations against him.

Veteran actress and author Caroll Baker was a guest on ‘The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast‘ last night. During the podcast, she explicitly expressed her feelings for Bill Cosby, saying that her “heart is broken” for Bill and he ‘did not deserve” this. She does not think “it was his fault.”

My heart is broken for Bill Cosby,” the 90-year old veteran actress exclaimed. “Bill Cosby did not deserve, at his age and in the condition he’s in. … He’s a wonderful human being, absolutely wonderful, and I can’t bear the fact that he’s in prison. I don’t think it was his fault.

Bill Cosby was accused of drugging women and engaging in sexual misconduct. Around sixty women came forward with the allegations against the comedian, who was later found guilty and charged with 10-years in prison in 2018.

When asked about the whole #MeToo movement, she outright bashed the women who came forward and accused Bill Cosby of his sexual misconduct. Her stance was why these women who claim to be his victims took years to come to light and accuse him of such a thing.

Baker said,

“I hate the fact that these women do this — they come back from years before, and they ruin a man’s career.”

She went on defending the convicted comedian by saying,

“Why would you go into a secluded place with a man? To play pinochle?” Baker said. “I’m sure they were all entranced with him. I have a feeling that that drink was just an aphrodisiac, and he did not force them to take it, he just offered it to them. And I think it’s a sin he’s in jail.”

However, while speaking about Harvey Weinstein, she called the former American film producer “a maniac” and said that he deserves to be in prison. However, she still criticized the victims of coming forward years later rather than bringing the issue forth right away.

Baker shared the details of one of the incidents that happened with her,

“I was only asked once to lie down on the casting couch, and I just walked out the door,” she said.

This podcast raised a lot of eyebrows and stirred up a whole new debate. Many people think that the veteran actress has shown a soft side for the sexual predators of the industry.

One of the fans tweeted,

Even the host of the podcast was stunned at the remarks of the ‘Baby Doll’ star and tweeted,

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