Coronavirus Outbreak Leads to Massive Gain in Netflix, YouTube & Amazon Revenue

As the health institutions announced COVID-19 as a pandemic virus, the demand for online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube is growing exponentially.

Streaming services were always a part of our daily routine. However, after the Coronavirus outbreak, these online streaming services have become the only way to keep ourselves in isolation without getting bored.

And it seems like streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon are the best alternatives to avoid social gatherings right now as they experience a boost in their revenue.

According to Rich Greenfield LightShed, who is working as an analyst at predicted since people are working from home, it is natural that demand for streaming services like Netflix will see the enormous increase in the form of new subscribers. And it is the safest option to stay engaged during the Coronavirus outbreak:

In most parts of the world, companies recommend their employees to work from home. Also, to contain a Coronavirus outbreak, governments are locking down public places such as cinemas, malls, museums, and night clubs.

This creates a huge increase in revenue of Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, as many people are now subscribing for these streaming services to keep their selves busy to kill time in isolation.

YouTube and Coronavirus Outbreak

As of now, Coronavirus livestream is the top trending video at the “YouTube’s Gaming Explore” page with over 83.8 million views. This means a lot of revenue at the end of the day. And if the vaccine is not found within the next few days, that could lead to an insane increase in streaming services subscriptions.

Insane Demand for Online Streaming Providers Affect the Quality of Service

Since the demand for popular streaming services is all-time high because of the Coronavirus outbreak, experts predicted that these streaming services may not provide the same quality as before or shutdown due to massive traffic on their servers.

Additionally, all the sporting events are suspended, watching TV shows, and movies on streaming services is the only way of entertainment right now.

This type of situation had never happened over the years when these streaming services existed. This shows how services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and other streaming services keeping people in their houses because of Coronavirus widespread.

People on social platforms are sharing their personal list of content to watch on different streaming services, which will eventually increase the number of new subscribers and revenue.

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