Cyber Criminals targeting People who are Looking Out For Free Movies & Shows

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Search for “watch” “Stream” “free movies” and there will be websites with links that guarantee you access to watch the movie or TV show of your choice for free. Click on these links at your own risk, however, as you’ll end up downloading malware onto your computer that seems to take your private data, such as your bank account and credit card details, or take control of your microphone or webcam.

To amplify the number of potential casualties, cyber hoodlums track which movies or TV shows are most prevalent at any given time and guarantee these for free on their websites.

While this activity is taking place globally and Eurojust also took action a few weeks back, this time Indian authorities have taken notice after various complaints.

Our independent research of such links revealed that there were more malicious links floating on the internet than we had imagined. These malicious free sites have malware codes injected into them.

Criminals all across the world have taken advantage of the lockdown situation, offering free streaming or gifts or even money if you share their malicious links.

This implies they are among the foremost looked for – out movies and shows that too have a high hazard of driving a client to a malevolent site. The most-watched movies and shows change with time, so these lists are updated as and when required, ” Yadav said. The malicious sites came under the police’s scanner after they received several complaints from victims.

Yashasvi Yadav, special inspector general, Maharashtra Cyber police, said, “ Cybercriminals know the landscape of internet usage in India and have been targeting users who search for ways to watch popular television shows and films such as Delhi Crime, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mardaani 2, Narcos, Lost, Akoori, Fauda, Panchayat, Ghoul, Mindhunter and Inception.”


cyber criminals

The police have moreover found that numerous of the sites are being run on proxy servers or ( VPNs ) to avoid location, a source told Mirror. “Most of the malicious sites are run on proxy servers hosted in countries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, North Korea, and Iraq, from where it is difficult to get details of the identities of the culprits. And this is not just happening in India, it’s a global problem.

If you have a strong Anti-virus installed it will save you from these crooks.


Different counties have different privacy laws and there is a reluctance to share such information because of legal complications, “the source added.

Apart from this, the scammers typically use stolen bank passwords and card details in ways that create complex money trails. “For instance, the stolen passwords might be used to make online purchases at American or European e-commerce sites, ” the source said

Such malware is known as bait ‘ malware because it draws potential casualties with an apparently harmless offer – a free, but unlawful download – to take their delicate information. Hackers and malware creators are targeting users searching for illegal streams. Many of these illegal streaming sites are embedded with malware disguised as pirated video files.

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These freaky tabs are wrapped up in malicious codes.

Porn, one of the biggest industries in the world is also used as click baits to malicious sites

Your cybersecurity is in your hands, take it seriously and educate yourself about it because the future of the world is digital.

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