DC’s Doom Patrol Throws Shade At Marvel Films On Twitter Following The #WhatIf Trend

DC vs Marvel

You might have seen DC and Marvel superheroes fighting on the screen, but now the fight is online, and it’s “Oh so hilarious!”. It’s like seeing Burger King and Mc Donald’s trolling each other, but better!

So, what really happened? Well, the latest Disney+ series, “What if…?” just premiered recently, and #WhatIf started trending on Twitter. And it seems that DC isn’t really comfortable with how the MCU is presenting its movies.

Now only God knows what was up with the person handling DC’s Doom Patrol Twitter account because they totally trashed Marvel with their #Whatif tweets. Twitter is literally the funniest place to be right now!

Despite the rivalry and comic nature of this trend, DC did actually make a genius move as #Whatif was already trending on Twitter. Now, this is making Marvel fans really angry and lash out and fight on tweets, but WHAT IF they could chill a bit and take the joke. Because after all, The Suicide Squad was put together by former Marvel filmmaker James Gunn. So in a way, it seems, the jokes on DC if you really look at it!

The series is the fourth “Phase” four series to come on Disney+ followed by WandaVisionThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the highly popular Loki. If you’ve seen the end part of Loki, you must already know that… (“OK, no spoilers, sorry!”)

What If…? is Marvel’s new series that gives audiences a look at the multiple realities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will make the viewers wonder “what if” the major events in their stories were different, how would things shape up? So, as Doctor Strange said in Avengers: Infinity War (2018): “There are multiple possible outcomes.” The “What if…?” series is just that! We will be enjoying a peek into multiple endings and endless possibilities to different stories and the fate of the heroes.

Some outraged Marvel fans also Tweeted in response to the #WhatIf and taunted DC for creating movies that don’t get nominated for the Emmys.


Although, the tweet doesn’t really make sense, as Doom Patrol did get nominated for the Emmys, but in the heat of the moment, it all seems fair. However, all in all, the tweets that are against DC do have a point that DC needs to build a solid ground for their movies and really needs to improvise to compete with the MCU.

DC might be calling the shots for now, but we are sure the MCU will answer back too at the right time. Doom Patrols’ new season is to be released in September, and then we can compare! Because it can surely backfire and make DC think, #WhatIf it didn’t mess up with the MCU.

Mohid Moosani

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