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disney plus account hacked

Disney Plus is facing technical issues from the day- one, in response to that their spokesperson explained that the demand was much higher than expected. However, another bomb has been dropped on Disney Plus lately and this one is a serious one which can burn it to the ground! As it is said the first impression is the last impression, Disney has had two bad ones in a row.

While Disney+ is charging $7 per month, stolen credentials are available on the dark web for as low as $5 per YEAR! The lucky ones are just experiencing additional strange profile names added to their account whereas some unfortunate subscribers have been hacked out of their account and the passwords have been changed.

This is a great stain the giant that Disney is, it not only poses a risk to the success of the newly launched streaming service but as a whole on the reputation and credibility on Disney.

The most basic trick to access someone’s account is to obviously try passwords that are predictable and if it works on one platform, chances are that the same password will work for all others.

Unlike, Netflix crack down on password sharing there is no official statement made by D+ on consumer protection so far.

However, another practice that hackers are using is sending spam emails disguising themselves as Disney+ support and asking you to update your credit card information. This is enough to trick the average user to hand over their user names and password.

How to Secure Yourself!

If you receive any such email asking to click on a link, first make sure that it is really Disney contacting you, check the email address very carefully. Then go to you Disneyplus.com and check if your account is really compromised or not.

If you can’t log in, chances are your account has been hacked. Contact Disney support immediately and describe your problem.

You can contact Disney at:



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