Elizabeth Olsen Bullied on Social Media By Toxic Marvel Fans


Everyone has different ways to cope up with their emotions, however, it was immensely sad to see some toxic Marvel movie fans bullying Elizabeth Olsen. The actress had not posted anything or responded on social media fast enough regarding Chadwick Boseman’s death. For an in-depth understanding of Marvel movies, you should watch all Marvel films in order.

We don’t really know whether Elizabeth operates her Instagram personally or if her PR team does it for her. However, the toxic fans who harassed and bullied her were the same people asking about the status of Black Panther 2 just hours after Boseman’s death!

Surprisingly when she did post about Boseman’s death, she was bombarded with negative and hurtful comments by these toxic fans. It is quite shameful for fans to act in this manner especially on such a sad occasion when prayers for Boseman where needed rather than unnecessary targetting on Elizabeth.

The inappropriate behavior of these fans lead to the actress shutting down her Instagram profile, if you try to access her Instagram profile, you will receive the following message “Sorry, the page isn’t available.

elizabeth olison

There could be many reasons for not putting forward a statement on social media, maybe the actress was too distressed with her co-actors death and did not want to deal with the public at that particular time. Furthermore, not putting up something on social media does not mean that Elizabeth Olsen is an inconsiderate person.

Sure, fans may have wanted to hear something from her about the incident. However, it must be realized that these celebrities are normal humans, just like us, and sometimes they too may have an emotional breakdown. Some people do not find it appropriate to express their emotions publically  While it has not been revealed why the actress didn’t post anything but its not decent to ask either.

Fans showed very insensitive behavior amidst the death of Boseman by bullying and ganging up against the Scarlet Witch actress which forced her of off social media. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, recently when a Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh committed suicide his girlfriend did not post or interact with fans online and was shamed.

People should realize that these stars on the screen are humans too and it takes a lot of inner strength to face the public in such situations. They go through more than a regular person does as there is a lot of pressure from the PR teams, fans, and other external forces to act in a particular manner.

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