Despite a Social media Feud, Britney Spears declares her love for her sister Jamie Lynn

On Saturday afternoon, Britney Spears addressed the simmering public feud between her and her sister Jamie Lynn, softening her tone toward her sister after days of public back-and-forth on social media.

In a tweet, Britney Spears, 40, apologized for saying “some harsh things” about her younger sibling. The two started squabbling after Jamie Lynn Spears, 30, gave a promotional appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” for her new book, “Things I Should Have Said,” on Thursday.

Jamie Lynn Spears described her sister’s conduct before her 13-year conservatorship as erratic in the interview. Britney Spears denied the allegations, claiming that the two hadn’t spent much time together at the time and that her sister was fabricating stories about her.

After taunting Jamie for attempting to profit off her conservatorship tragedy by writing a book at her “expense,” Britney added,

“Jamie Lynn…I don’t think your book is about me at all…I said some harsh things because you obviously hurt me by the things you are making up about me!!!”

“I could have sworn I said ‘but you’re not,” she tweeted, followed by a series of shrugging emojis, after she backtracked on a comment in which she claimed Jamie was a “scum person.”

“it doesn’t make sense at all to me what you are saying,” Britney said, likely referring to Jamie’s tumultuous interview with Good Morning America.

Britney earlier stated that her sister “never had to work for anything” and that “everything was always given to her,” but her current post contradicted this. The Singer took it to Twitter and shared her feelings for her little sister in a detailed post:

She wrote, “I know you worked hard for the life you have and you have done amazing … But I think we would both have to agree to the fact that the family has never been remotely as hard on you as they have been on me,”

She continued by stating that her sister didn’t do much while she was in a 13-year conservatorship, which ended in November, and that she thought her sister’s devotion was “still with the people that hurt me the most.”

Britney went on to say that she had been working nonstop for 13 years “only to be sent away for 4 months for no reason at all???” “And I won’t even mention what was done to me in that place!!!” she said, referring to her time in a psychiatric facility where she was denied coffee.

“All I know is I love you unconditionally!!!” she added. “So go ahead and say whatever you want…it’s so tacky for a family to fight publicly like this!!! You say you love me…yet your loyalty is still with the people that hurt me the most!!!”

In the end, though, Spears asked for a settlement to their public feud by saying, “Say whatever you want to say, just know I do know your real heart more than anyone!!! It’s your life and you deserve a beautiful life!!!!”

On the other hand, Jamie responded with an IG story asking her sister to call her.“I have attempted many times to speak to you directly and handle this privately like sisters should, but you still choose to do everything on a public platform.”

Jamie concluded,


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