“Free Britney Radio” Day of Solidarity – Jeff Timmons Calls Over 50 Radio Stations to Join!

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Jeff Timmons, a member of the 98 degrees has been a close friend to Britney for nearly two decades. As per Timmons, during this time period, he has witnessed an outrageous increase in the team surrounding her.

It is as if it had almost become impossible to access Britney, he says.

The two have been working together since the ‘90s; they also released a single by the name of “Where Do You Wanna Go”.

Tomorrow has been named the “The Day of Solidarity”, as Timmons will be joining hands with an audio production company called Benztown for the day.

However, Timmons being such an old friend has taken a solid step to provide support to Britney by hosting “Free Britney Radio”. It will be a popup radio channel, and more than 50 markets will be featuring the show.

Speaking of Britney, Timmons stated to Variety,

I don’t think Britney was ever out of control to a point where she needed this conservatorship. The media showed Britney falling off the rails, but that was salacious. In this business, everybody goes through ups and downs. It’s a rollercoaster and things become surreal. At certain points, it all piles up and you reach breaking point, but that’s just human existence. Anybody in her circumstances would’ve had a meltdown. Physiologically, alone, it was probably exhausting.

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Further adding and supporting his point, Timmons stated,

That doesn’t mean you can’t control your own life, finances or kids. If you’re competent enough to get on stage 100 times a year and make millions of dollars, you’re competent enough to be a parent. The whole [conservatorship] was a travesty. I don’t think she was ever crazy, incompetent or unable to make decisions and care of herself.

Due to his immense care for Britney and having himself experienced the legal system, he calls the California court system “Fu*cked Up”. As a father to five children, he, too, had to deal with the court for the court for taking custody of his two children from his ex-wife.

It was only when my kids were of a certain age and able to explain verbally that they wanted out of that situation that I got custody. But it took 10 years. I spent all my resources that I made with 98 Degrees trying to be their dad – trying to get my kids safe by getting full custody. I could be in one of the biggest groups in the world, I could be on TV and I could perform everywhere, but being a father was made impossible by the [courts]. This kind of stuff happens all the time.

Even though it is Britney’s father that is on the front face of the case, Timmons believes, but in reality, it actually involves a group of people who have conspired against Britney.

The “Free Britney Radio” will include the singer’s most popular songs, messages from other celebrities and live crosses to her fans at the L.A courthouse on “Free Britney Day”. Timmons will also be bringing in Lawyers and conservatorships experts on the including Lisa MacCarley. She has long supported the #freebritney movement and will be discussing the illegalities involved in Britney’s case.

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