Grey’s Anatomy Fans Hold Their Hearts Saying Goodbye to Their Favorite Character for a Second Time

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Fans were shocked to see (Patrick Dempsey) Derek return last week in Grey’s Anatomy episode. In the episode (Ellen Pompeo), Meredith dreams that she is finally getting married to Derek. The scene is shot on a beach with Mc Dreamy in a thoughtful manner that looks sort of heaven-ish as there is this glow around him. The scene coming in at a time when people have lost their loved ones and serves as a ray of hope.

The dream sequence comes to Meredith while in a coma fighting with her stretched battle with Covid-19. In the previous episode, she wakes up from the comma but only for two minutes as she has a blood clot in her liver.


This scene is extremely tense for the viewers, and they are worried if Meredith will ever come back or not. But when they see her and Derek together, they were left completely astounded.

The episode includes some very emotional scenes, including one where, in her dream sequence, Meredith tells Derek that she was tired of the battle and wanted to rest too, like him. This is where things change, and hope comes back. Derek tells her that people love her and need her and that even though her body may be tired, her soul is still fighting and far from being tired. And that’s when we all get what we always wanted. Meredith married Derek in her dream state.

Dempsey also stated

It was a beautiful way to close the chapter adding, that they intended to give people a little hope in this time, as they are such a well-known on-screen couple. Having lost so many close ones this year, it has indeed been difficult for people. The idea that we would have angels taking care of us in this uncertain world is a good message to pass on. He also stated that he was thankful for having the chance to do so and is happy that the fans liked it.


Variety spoke with Dempsey when he was promoting the Porsche 2021 eyewear collection. When asked if there were any chances of coming back in the show, he said, “who knows? Never say never with this show, right?” He also praised Krista Vernoff’s storytelling of the episode.

Mc Dreamy recalled how emotional it was finishing the last scene. He said that they all hugged each other and that it was on them to give out the message of how important it is to wear a mask and take safety precautions. He mentioned how he and Ellen were thinking of doing something positive last year around this time. It’s just some good deed that multiplies itself.

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