Mass Attack-Hackers Are Reactivating Cancelled Netflix Accounts

As an entertainment buff, I am engaged with communities on many platforms at any given time. One shocking problem that has been surfacing lately is that many users were complaining about how Netflix was charging them despite the account being canceled.

If the case was an isolated one, we could have deduced that it was a one-off case where Netflix mistakenly charged a customer. But these complaints have only been increasing where users find out that there canceled Netflix account has been hacked and renewed.

Netflix hacked accounts

The worst part is that renewal doesn’t require credit card information. Once these accounts are hacked, passwords are changed so that the original owner cannot do anything.

The streaming service stores customer data, such as billing information, for a period of 10 months. In case the user wishes to rejoin, making it speedy to recover. Disney+ faced the same issue as soon as it launched in the United States.

The most shocking part is that these hacked accounts are up for sale openly on Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms. For example, Netflix’s “lifetime” Stolen account is being sold on eBay for as little as $3.

Coming to Facebook, there was no shortage of these illegal account sellers over there as well. It is indeed very shocking to see how these groups and pages are running on social platforms as if there is no monitoring. Maybe there isn’t!

netflix black market

This is just a glimpse of the very few pages that pop-up right upon searching. There are many other groups that use different names to hide undercover and operate.

The story doesn’t end on Netflix accounts only, it’s just the start. Be it Spotify, ESPN, Grammarly Premium, Hulu, HBO GO, Prime Video, PornHub, Google Ads, Credit cards, VPN credentials and more.

Now, this is where I started to check if all of this was legit or these groups were just scamming people.

So I started interacting with these group owners and many of them were very quick to respond. Judging by the payment methods offered, I assumed that these black market runners are operating from India as Phonepe & Paytm both are Indian payment services. And my guess turned out to be right as you can see in the picture below.

Nonetheless, PayPal and GPay are also available as payment options as you can see in the screenshots below.

netflix stolen accounts on instagram

This is an example from just one Instagram page, if you simply search “Netflix Accounts” on Instagram you’ll find such countless pages. So if you convert this into USD, that’s $11.21 for a yearly Netflix premium account. Whereas originally the plan alone costs $15.99 per month or $192 per year.

The story doesn’t even end on Facebook and Instagram, Telegram too is a hub for such stolen accounts. Check out this GIF below and see the countless number of groups and communities.

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How Not to Fall in the Trap?

This is a dangerous situation that we have identified. We strongly recommend you to remove your account details from any platform that is dormant.

Keep a check on your credit card statement and enable SMS notifications. This will help you as soon as an unauthorized transaction is made you can cancel the card.

Team ScreeBinge has gathered quite a lot of data. If any relevant Authority/Publisher wants detailed information, we would be happy to share and play our part against illegal activities.