Jennifer Lawrence Injured – Explosion On The Set Cut Lawrence’s Eyelid Making It Bleed

Jennifer Lawrence was left injured after being hit in the eye with a glass shard during a stunt scene that went wrong on the set of her new film.

After the Boston incident, the Oscar-winning actor, who is earning a record £ 10 million to star opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the science fiction movie “Don’t Look Up”, was said to be ‘shaken but OK’

As the 30-year-old was filming a riot scene, a garbage bin was hurled through a window next to where she was standing and hence the accident occurred.

According to a source,

It was a routine stunt and everything seemed fine until the window shattered and she screamed and fell to the floor. The glass hit her above the eye but there were concerns tiny fragments might have gone in the eye so she was taken to hospital. There doesn’t appear to be any long-term damage.

The film was already delayed due to the Covid-19 and now has been put to another halt until the actress recovers.

It sounds like a significant incident, and the question arises as to how an explosion happened remotely near a high-profile actress.

It is not clear if this was due to the intensity of the blast being underestimated by the pyrotechnic technicians of the film, or whether Lawrence was simply not fast enough to get out of the way. In the meantime, the most important thing is to make sure that there is no permanent damage. Injuries on film sets are not rare for performers, and there is plenty of evidence that some very large projects are briefly losing stars due to injury when stunts have gone wrong.

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