Fast & The Furious 9 – John Cena Controversy Causes 85% Drop in Chinese Box Office Returns

John Cena Apologizes to chinese audience for calling taiwan an independent country during fast and the furious 9 marketing

The Universal tentpole is actually projected to come to a conclusion of its China run with $211 million – a huge number but only a bit better compared to half as significant as’ The Fate of the Furious’ attained in China in 2017.

Chinese filmgoers have reached the braking system on Justin Lin’s F9. The Universal tentpole downshifted 85% in the second weekend, earning simply $20.8 million as compared to its $136 million roaring opening end of the week.

After 2 laps, the Vin Diesel/John Cena action flick has totaled $185.3 million. That is somewhat in front of exactly where franchise spinoff Shaw and Hobbs was sitting at a comparable state in its China market, but much weaker as opposed to the preceding franchise mainstays Furious seven as well as the Fate of the Furious, which topped out at $390.9 million in 2015 as well as $392.8 million in 2017, respectively.


John Cena referred to Taiwan as a nation during a marketing interview, and after that given a groveling apology to outraged nationalistic Chinese fans – for that, he consequently was commonly derided in the West.

Whether John Cena’s humiliating Taiwan/China gaff has experienced anything to do with F9’s sensitive foundation in the Middle Kingdom is actually tough to decide. The Chinese market tends to be much more front-loaded and vulnerable to real-time word of mouth than most of all territories, as well as F9 has been hit by withering ratings from the start.

Its social scores are actually 7.7 on Maoyan and 6.8 on Douban – less than the majority of major titles released this year. Nonetheless, earlier in the run, the movie was forecasted to pull in substantially more, as well as Cena’s public relations debacle surely has not helped.

John Cena has apologized on Chinese social media after getting tangled up in a geopolitics scandal by calling Taiwan a nation. In an interview with Taiwanese broadcaster TVBS earlier this month, Cena sparked controversy while marketing the ninth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise as he said:

Taiwan is actually the very first state to view Fast and Furious 9.

On Tuesday, Cena, 44, posted a video message he captured in Mandarin on Chinese social community Weibo, in that he stated that he’d done numerous interviews for Fast & Furious 9 and also during another interview, he stated that he “made a mistake.”

I must say right now, it’s very, very, very, very, very, very important. I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m very, very sorry for my mistake.

He didn’t elaborate on precisely what he was apologizing for and didn’t immediately mention Taiwan. Cena has a substantial existence on Weibo, with over 600,000 followers. He’s been into learning Mandarin for a number of years, based on media reports.

Chinese ticketing app Maoyan presently projects F9 to complete at $211.9 million – definitely not a selection to scoff at but much inferior to the franchise’s potential heights, particularly since China’s theatrical marketplace is back again to complete earning capability (See the $825 million attained by regional comedy struck Hi, Mom in February).

Some Weibo users had not been supportive of Cena’s apology and called it insincere or perhaps lacking conviction. One wrote:

“It’s the western political correctness. he desires Chinese folks to forgive him though he also does not wish to offend the West and idiot Taiwan”

Nevertheless, some were much more forgiving.

“Some of the comments below are actually very aggressive,I believe we need to take a seat and chat about this in a less extreme way. Foreigners do not always realize China’s politics, the same as we do not necessarily realize their politics.”

Beijing claims the self-governing island as part of its territory and has threatened to annex it – by pressure if needed. Although Taiwan has the own government of its, democratic elections as well as an army, almost all governments all over the world do not identify it as a nation.

China is actually the world’s second-largest film market. The newest installment in Universal’s franchise kicked off with a large $162 million in 8 markets, like China, Korea as well as Hong Kong. The ticket sales effortlessly mark probably the best beginning for a Hollywood blockbuster since Covid 19 hit.

China views Taiwan as an illegitimate breakaway province. If the civil war in China between the Nationalists and the Communists finished in 1949, with the former triumphant, the latter creates a rival authority in Taipei.

The U.S. does not have recognized associations with Taiwan, but considerable informal ties. Former President Donald Trump angered Beijing by mailing Cabinet officials to check out Taiwan in a show of support. Earlier this particular year, China improved its army activity near the island in reaction to what it calls “collusion” and forces” “secessionist between Washington and Taipei. The Chinese Communist Party hasn’t ruled out the usage of pressure to get the island under Beijing’s management.

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