Johnny Depp Countersued for $100 Million By Amber Heard

johny depp counter sued

It’s bad news for Johnny Depp and his fans! The whole world know that Depp’s appeal had been dismissed by the British legal authorities in the “Wife Beater” case against him. Further developments in the case are that Amber has raised her hand to international legal bodies stating that Depp’s defamation case should be thrown out of court as his appeal has been rejected.

A supplement plea for Amber Heard stated that, respecting the judgments of the UK court findings are that the Washington Post’s claims are not false. He further stated that Depp’s violence was causing fear to Ambers for her life.

Furthermore, it was stated that Depp could no any longer hold on to his claims against Amber Heard and that the case should be trashed completely.

As Amber Heard was not successful in getting Johnny Depp’s suit closed in the past, the actress has now tried for a greater approach with new ideas. It is expected that even if these attempts fail, she would at least get some attention in the US courts.

The plea filing stated,

“Depp cannot relitigate these factual issues, and as a result of their preclusion, he cannot claim that the statements are false and ‘actionable’ under Virginia defamation law, so his claims are barred as a matter of law,”

When approached for comments, Depp’s lawyer did not make any comment on the matter of Amber Heard’s filing against his client. The $50 million cases has been countersued by Amber Heard’s legal team after all the testimonies and evidence were presented in the U.K court.

Initially, the case also included the fact that it was Depp who was being abused by Amber and not the other way around. The marriage between the two ended very publicly back in 2016 with a settlement of $7 million. The suit back in 2019 stated that Heard is not a victim; she is instead a perpetrator. After the statement was declared by the court Johnny Depp and his legal affiliates have been openly declaring that Amber Heard is making false accusations against him of domestic abuse.

Heard not only tried to dismiss this lawsuit until she filed her counter-contraction but requested that it be transferred, which did not proceed according to schedule, to a different jurisdiction. Depp, on the other hand, attempted to demolish the UK case and the reputation of heard by claiming that his ex-wife did not donate all of the $7 million earned in divorce, to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Los Angeles and to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Wide subpoenas from both sides have drawn the following organizations into the thorny case: the ACLU, Disney, the LAPD, and Elon Musk. Despite the defendant’s numerous attempts, Depp’s close confidant and lawyer Adam Waldman has yet to be served. In the late fall, Waldman, on the other hand, stepped away from the situation.

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