Judge Denies Britney Spears Request For Earlier Court Date to Remove Her Father as Conservator and She says Fans ‘Only Know Half’ of Legal Drama

Britney Spears

39-year-old singer Britney Spears’ request to move her hearing up to a sooner date in order to have her father Jamie, 68 removed as conservator was denied by the court. On Monday a judge also dismissed Spears’ lawyer’s request to accelerate the conservatorship’s next court hearing.

The ongoing  Britney Spears conservatorship battle means the toxic singer will have to potentially wait at least a month to be released from her father’s care.

The conservatorship will continue until the September 29th, 2021 hearing, along with 11 other cases on the court’s calendar at that time.

The star singer Britney Spears has been sharing multiple Instagram posts over the past couple of weeks then deleting and editing the captions.

Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell suggested Britney should be more careful about what she posts and has been advised to be more careful about what she shares on social media. Right after she got suggested, Britney announced on Monday that she will be sharing less from now on. Moreover, she continues to make references to the conservatorship dispute on her Instagram page.

Britney stated in another Instagram post, “In a system where I have felt absolutely hopeless for so long, at least I do have a platform to share. Furthermore, I was going to post a bit less from now on and said ‘TA TA’ to her followers.

Right after her post on Instagram, Selena Gomez responded by saying “Love you. You’re welcome to come to cook with me any time!”

The latest court update also comes after her father Jamie had spoken to her personal conservator Jodi Montgomery about the situation. Britney Spears’ father reported a chat with her personal conservator in which they discussed a 5150 psychiatric hold as a possibility for Britney. Furthermore, Jodi Montgomery also denied any involvement in the singer’s admission to a treatment facility in 2019. Jamie Spears’ assertion was ridiculed by Jodi Montgomery who said it was absolutely untrue.

“Ms. Montgomery is saddened that her telephone call to Mr. Spears, made out of genuine concern for Ms. Spears, and intended to re-establish a working relationship with Mr. Spears towards Ms. Spears’ mental health and well-being, is now being misrepresented and manipulated to gain some sort of tactical advantage in the pending proceedings to remove him as Conservator,” read the statement from Montgomery’s attorney Lauriann Wright. “Ms. Montgomery implores Mr. Spears to stop the attacks — it does no good; it only does harm.”

Meanwhile, Jamie has written in his filing that during a telephonic call with Montgomery in July, Montgomery expressed concern about Britney’s mental health and stated that he was “extremely anxious about her health direction.

Jamie’s claim was ridiculed by Montgomery. He said it was “misrepresenting” the conversation they had had. Although Montgomery says she did share “concerns” about Britney’s mental health with Jamie, she believes Jamie’s role in the conservatorship is what’s “having a serious impact on Ms. Spears’ mental health.

Britney Spears’ father was sad to see his daughter in pain during her statement, Jamie Thoreen’s lawyer tells court Britney was ‘in distress’ when she alleged abuse by her conservators on June 23.

Jamie’s only motivation has been his deep love for his daughter and a desire to protect her from anyone trying to take advantage of her, according to the latest filling.

Britney’s next court appearance is scheduled for September 29.

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