Kanye West Believes that “Actors” Were Employed to “Sexualize” His Kids

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  • Last updated: 12 Oct, 2022
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Kanye West with tucker Carlson

Kanye West endorsed a conspiracy theory regarding his children during a recent interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

Vice obtained clips of the rapper’s appearance that were allegedly deleted from the final, two-part broadcast. Kanye West’s response to it in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson generated an internet frenzy. It turns out that Fox News editors left some of his odder remarks on the cutting room floor, including the claim that someone planted “fake children” in his house to influence his children.

West appeared twice on Carlson’s show last week and soon went viral for his strange and provocative claims. West chastised pop diva Lizzo for her weight and claimed, without providing evidence, that Gap executives were aware of the May school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, “before it ever happened.” However, his statements were tame compared to other strange accusations that did not make it to television.

In addition, there were more disparaging remarks about Jewish people and allegations that Louis Vuitton’s culture of “racism” and “elitism” was responsible for “killing” designer Virgil Abloh.

On his odder remarks on social platforms against the Jewish people, ‘Black Jewish Entertainment Alliance and Anti-Defamation League both refute Kanye West over antisemitic tweets, and his Twitter and Instagram accounts were blocked violating the platform’s regulations.

Now, he has claims for the deployment of false people in the house to manipulate his children sexually:

“I mean, like, actors, professional actors, placed into my house to sexualize my kids,” he told the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” star of his brood with ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 41.

The Yeezy founder referred to the “so-called son” of an apparent association, saying, “We don’t, we didn’t even believe that this person was her son because he was way smarter than her, right?”

West has publicly discussed his bipolar condition. He told David Letterman in May 2019 that when he has manic episodes, he becomes “hyper-paranoid about everything.”

“Everyone — this is my experience; other people have different experiences — everyone now is an actor. Everything’s a conspiracy,” he said at the time.

“You feel the government is putting chips in your head. You feel you’re being recorded. You feel all these things,” he continued.

“You have this moment [when] you feel everyone wants to kill you. You pretty much don’t trust anyone.”

According to sources close to the singer, he is in the middle of his most significant mental break to date.

Carlson did not ask West any further questions about his “fake children.” Instead, he allowed the Grammy winner segue into a charge he’s made several times since February: Kardashian and her family “kidnapped” Chicago on her fourth birthday.

“Everyone saw in broad daylight these public figures kidnap my black child on her birthday,” he told Carlson in another unaired statement.

“I did not know the location of the birthday party, and Travis Scott had to give me the address,” he insisted, despite Khloé Kardashian’s claim that West was the one who “wanted separate birthdays … and when [he] changed [his] mind and wanted to attend, [he] came.”

Curious to read more about West’s stance and his family’s future decisions? Let us know!

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West told Carlson that his last-minute attendance at his daughter’s celebration had left the Kardashian-Jenner family “so frantic,” calling their response “the most Karen-level stuff.”

“To feel like you can take a black child and not give the father the address — this is the way people are treated when they get out of prison when they go to prison,” he said.

“And 100 percent, I am in a glass prison, or else I’d be the one with the say-so over where my children go to school.”

West is reportedly squabbling with Kardashian about their children’s schooling. While he would like them to join his Donda Academy, the reality star prefers to keep them at Sierra Canyon.

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