Demi Lovato, Jonah Hill & Kate Winslet Open up About Body Shaming!

Demi Lovato

Recently singer Demi Lovato slammed the diet culture and told the media that she no longer cares about the calorie count or what she eats. She’s just living the way that keeps her happy, Lovato stated,

Accidentally lost weight. I don’t count calories anymore. I don’t exercise anymore. I don’t restrict or purge … And I especially … don’t live my life accordingly to the diet culture … I’ve actually lost weight … This is a different experience but I feel full. Not of food but of divine wisdom and cosmic guidance. Full of peace, serenity, joy and love today

demi lovato

She also told the media that she is very proud of the person that she has become after her near-fatal drug overdose, that could have taken her life.

Lately, actor Jonah Hill called out to Daily Mail for posting his shirtless photos during a surfing trip. The actor has astonished fans by losing massive weight twice, once in 2011 and second in 2017.

jonah hill surfing

The actor commented on this act by Daily Mail, in an attempt to stop body shaming. He believes it was particularly done to grab media attention and that he has been body-shamed by the media countless times.

Jonah Hill talked about his childhood, and the nervousness and shame he felt while going in a pool, how he never took his shirt of because of being judged and made fun of. However, it took the actors to reach his 30’s to be comfortable and happy with his body. He was afraid of being mocked by other kids and the media as he grew up to become an actor. Jonah pressurizes on the fact that this post on Instagram that it is not a “good for me or bad for me post” its for the children who face similar situations like him. He just wants to tell them all that it is totally okay to be whatever body size you are and to accept yourself!

Even the Titanic superstar, today 45, Kate Vinslet talks about the body-shaming she faced as a 20-year girl during the filming of Titanic. The actress tells, she was considered overweight by British standards and was very scared and nervous to go to Hollywood for this very reason. Apart from this Kate has been cruelly remarked by the media for her weight.

kate vinslet body shaming

Kate expressed that at that time she was just 20 and was still trying to understand herself and her life! People would make remarks on her body size, hand out diet sheets to her and would keep on talking about her weight. As per Kate it was a very difficult period and damaged her self-confidence. The kind of criticism shown to her in England made her even more afraid to go to Hollywood. However, she matured up and changed her idea of what beauty is.

It’s great that more and more celebrities are coming out and speaking about unrealistic body sizes and body shaming! Hollywood, sure does seem all glitzy but it has its own troubles.

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