Katie Price Talks About Being Raped In A Park At Age 7

katie price rape

Katie Price’s love life has gotten a lot of attention over the years as she searches for happiness. The mother of five has been married three times and is currently dating Carl Woods (Love Island Star), whom she describes as her “amazing man.”

The glamour model is often candid about her relationships, sharing intimate aspects of her life with her social media fans.


The 42-year-old ex-glamour model opened up about being raped in a park when she was just seven years old.

Katie says she’s been “Weak with Men” as a result of the horrific ordeal.

Katie spoke to The Sunday Times Magazine about how violence has changed her life and the choices she’s made about men.

“What happened to me as a kid was part of it too,” Katie said as she opened up about checking into The Priory in January last year.

Katie revealed last month that she was sexually abused as a child.

“My thing that’s always been wrong in my life is guys,” Katie said on the Annie Macmanus’ Changes with Annie Macmanus podcast. Katie also added that had been the case since her childhood.

“I was raped as a kid, at seven. That is in my first book. I was in a park.”

During Katie’s stay at the mental health facility The Priory last year, she was able to unpack a lot of past traumas. She told host Annie that men have always been at the center of her problems and that she has had trust issues with men since she was a child.

Katie also remembered other events that compelled her to seek counseling. The model even talked about a photographer who took lewd pictures of her at the age of 12 when she started modeling.

Then I got involved with this photographer who ended up being in prison, and he was obsessed with me. He took indecent photographs that I thought were innocent at the time. He’d take photos of me sticking my tongue out, which looks young and girly, but he’d look at them as sexual.

Katie went on and further stated how the photographer would take pictures of young girls,

He’d make these milkshakes. I never took one because I didn’t like them, but the police when they came round to see my mum, that’s what he did – he’d make girls drink that, drug them, and then do pictures of them.

Also, in the interview, Katie recalled that during a robbery in 2018, she was sexually assaulted. She stated that someone “tried to get me in their vehicle as well” during the time between the two events.

Having suicidal thoughts since last year, the famous glamour model spent time at The Priory, a well-known recovery center.

She said that while in counseling, she realized that some of her emotional issues stemmed from her father leaving the family when she was a kid. She stated that she was way too young to remember it, but in the back of her mind, it’s there. So they figured out the reason why she ran in and out of relationships in her life. It’s partially because of wanting that father figure because they’ve always let me down.

Katie recently posted images to Instagram showing her cradling her stomach and thanking her boyfriend for being “part of me,” sparking speculation that she was expecting her sixth child.

The star, however, declined to confirm the pregnancy a few days later, telling TV host Steph McGovern, “I’ve put on weight.” Explaining that anyone may make assumptions about whatever they believe. Pictures can be deceiving in a variety of ways.

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