Key & Peele Set for a Shocking Return?

Key & peele

Without a doubt, it is the duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele that have made them one of comedy’s greatest pairs, with their series “Key and Peele” establishing itself as one of the finest sketch comedy shows in recent times. 

Even though the show was taken off air in 2015 after 5 amazing seasons, it did take home a couple Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Peabody Award. Not to mention an award for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series in 2016.

The comedy duo have been collecting praises and accolades from all over the world for their work on their own individual projects, and from time to time reuniting for projects like “Toy Story 4,”and “Keanu,” and an upcoming project “Wendell and Wild.” 

The very fact that their individual projects have been such a massive hit, is a clear evidence of their immense talent. In today’s highly competitive era, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele struggled and flourished without being in a partnership, and made their own paths to success. 

Jordan Peele, with his stellar performances lately, has revolutionized the entire comedy genre. Here’s Peele rocking it with the Yo Mama jokes!

On the other hand, Keegan-Michael Key has witnessed a major spike in demand and has emerged as one of the most sought-after comedic and celebrity voice actors in Hollywood. Here’s a glimpse of his voice-over brilliance in the upcoming “Wendell and Wild!”

Key is all set to be launched in the new Hulu series “Reboot,” alongside Calum Worthy, Krista Marie Yu, Paul Reiser, Rachel Bloom, Judy Greer, and Johnny Knoxville. Peele, on the other hand, is fresh off the success of his truly gripping sci-fi blockbuster “Nope”.

While speaking in an interview during the promotions of his new Hulu series Reboot, Key answers a question that’s on everybody’s lips, “Is there a chance for a possible Key & Peele reboot?” He confessed to having thought about a possible revival. Take a look at what Key had to say:

“It’s something that is in the back of our brains sometimes, but right now, we’re just happy to be working on the stuff that we’re working on. When I say ‘it’s in the back,’ I mean it’s way, way in the back, yeah.”

Though Key’s response may have broken the duo’s fans’ hearts, his comments don’t put curtains on a possible return either. 

It needs to be understood that both the prolific actors have professional commitments and are currently preoccupied with other projects. Key has recently bagged roles in the Wonka and Super Mario movies. Whereas, Peele is putting in the hard yards at work, drafting a script for another feature film to be released post-Nope. 

It’s quite fascinating to see how far both Peele and Key have come in their respective careers without the help of each other, but it’s also sort of an anti-climax when it comes to a potential return of their original show.

Take a look at what happens when Keegan-Michael Key tries to imitate Martin Luther King Jr.

Here’s another one, the highly-praised classroom sketch that involves A-A-Ron and Mr. Garvy!

Despite the fact that we’d all selfishly enjoy seeing the two together week-in week-out, it does make the little precious moments we do get of them as a duo feel even more special. 

Who can forget when Peel was announced as the winner for the Best Original Screenplay at Oscars and Keegan Michael-Key literally jumped out of his seat in excitement? 

Thankfully, the duo reunited for the stop-motion film “Wendell & Wild,” which will be released on Netflix in October. So, if you’re tired of waiting for the magical combination of Key and Peele, your wait may just be over in a few days.

Key and Peele’s original show can be streamed on Comedy Central. Comedy Central is host to various highly watched comedy shows, and has also had its fair share of controversies with comedians and actors. One very widely followed controversy included Dave Chappelle’s license getting revoked and then handed back by the channel.

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