Kris Jenner Sends Warning to Tik Tok Star for Spreading Jeffree Star, Kanye West Rumour

Tik Tok star Ava Louise reported that a ‘cease and desist’ letter was sent by reality TV star Kris Jenner after the social media influencer claimed that rapper Kanye West had a fling with Jeffree Star

The rumour came after it was reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye were considering to end their six-year marriage.

While Ava did not name who allegedly hooked up with Kanye, she liked comments suggesting that the person in question was Jeffree, causing the news to go viral.

“This whole divorce comes as no surprise. Kanye has been hooking up with a very well-known, famous beauty guru. Male beauty guru. A lot of people in the scene have known for a while,” she said in a Tik Tok video.

It was not long after 24 hours that Ava revealed that her manager received a letter from Jenner Communications, which is Kris’ company.

The letter stated that the social media star should stop making false claims against Kim and Kanye otherwise she could face “legal sanctions” and said that she should “give this very important matter the utmost attention”.

Ava told Daily Mail that she was not surprised that she received the warning adding that she was not scared and sarcastically said that she bought a new outfit if she had to go to court.

“They are trying to protect the family image,” she said.

She claimed that she first heard about the hookup from a close friend who she said was an entertainment lawyer.

She said that she continued to hear the rumour in the following months “several times”, but admitted she did not have “concrete evidence” to support the claim.

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