Lizzo Breaks Down in Tears Over ‘Fat-Shaming and Racist’ Reaction to Her New Video “Rumors” with Cardi B

Lizzo crying

As long as Lizzo has been a part of the industry, the kind lady has only shown positive energy and confidence to the world! She has also kept friendships with all the major artists that are connected to her.

Lizzo is considered a kind woman who loves everyone and has no grudges against anyone in the industry. However, despite her angel-like personality, the poor soul has been bullied and received hateful and mean messages on social media from the start of her career. One reason for this is her appearance, bold and confident personality.

It is not common for Lizzo to pay heed to such haters, but it hit her hard this time. When the singer came live on Instagram Live and opened up her feelings while shedding tears and talking about the hate she was getting because of the way she looked.

The singer had a heart-to-heart moment with the fans, where she finally fully addressed the way she’s been wrongly treated, the fat-shaming she has faced, and other hateful comments. And the discrimination she has faced during the course of her career, which has seemingly increased right after, the song “Rumors,” which she and Cardi B released lately.

In her Instagram live video, Lizzo was sitting in her bathroom, weeping. She was wearing a hoodie and had her face full of glam while wearing a wig cap, and then she opened her Instagram to express her feelings.

She pledged to continue to “uplift” herself and others with her music. 

She said:

I was overwhelmed today, I saw a lot of things I didn’t want to see today. I read a lot of hurtful words that triggered a lot of deep feelings today. And I’m not even going to say them, to give them power. But what I will say is: Thank you. I love you as much as you love yourself. And I hope that you love yourself a lot. I’m gonna keep on bringing this music out, and I’m gonna keep on doing what I want to do.

Assuring fans that she was “OK,” she ended her video with a defiant message: “F*** the haters… haters gonna do what they do. They don’t know I do it for the mother****ing culture.

The singer stated,

On the days I feel I should be the happiest… I feel so down, Like, I hurt so hard.

She also explained how hard she has tried to,

Put so much love and energy into the world

However, all she got in return was hate, mean remarks, and negativity. She further went on to explain that,

Sometimes I feel like the world just don’t love me back, It’s like it doesn’t matter how much positive energy you put into the world, you’ll still have people who’ll have something mean to say about you.

Further adding,

For the most part it doesn’t hurt my feelings, I don’t care,” she continued. “I just think that when I’m working this hard my tolerance gets lower. My patience gets lower. I’m more sensitive. And it gets to me.” And while she didn’t get into the details of what the hateful messages were, she alluded to the fact that they seem to all be focused on her appearance and the “Rumors” music video. “People saying s*** about me that just doesn’t even make sense,” the star shared while dabbing her eyes with a tissue. “It’s fat-phobic, and it’s racist and it’s hurtful. If you don’t like my music, cool. If you don’t like ‘Rumors’ the song, cool. But a lot of people don’t like me because of the way I look…

The Grammy award-winning singer said on Instagram Live, addressing her haters,

People that always have something negative to say,” telling them that they’ll be the ones “catching up.” She continued, “I strive for joy every single day… but on the way to the joy you get sadness, you get exhaustion, you get angry, you get annoyed, you get tired and insecure. On the road to joy, there’s all these pitstops, and right now I’m just over it,

she continued, taking a deep breath. “I’m over it.”

Lizzo’s statement below truly shows that she really knows how to take the positive out of every situation.

I’m only going to focus on positive comments from here on out. I don’t have time for your negativity, your internalized self-hatred that you protect onto me with your racism and your fat phobia. I don’t have time for it. Anyways, I’m going to continue to be me. I’m going to continue to be a bad b*tch…

In such sensitive times, Cardi B, Chloe, Jamila Jamil, and Missy Elliot played an integral part in supporting Lizzo and being there for her.

Lizzo also spoke about the women of color in the industry, stating that she would not tolerate such kind of behavior with black women, again and again, especially plus-size black women.

Fans watching the Live Instagram post showed immense support to the singer and commented against body shaming and judging people. Some said she minds her own business, but still, people have to interfere and

Cardi B tweeted,

While Chloe told Lizzo that she was greatly proud of Lizzo, stating, “People are gonna talk, but you have power in your voice. Thank you for inspiring me.”

Even Jameela Jamil extended her support in a Tweet,

Wrapping up, body shaming, bullying, and racial hate are all very negative elements of our society. It really takes courage and confidence to address the haters and believe in yourself.

Lizzo is a strong woman, and we are proud of her!

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