Lucifer Season 5- Will Linda Martin Die in The Finale?

lucifer season5

Fans are impatiently waiting to know the release date for the final season of Lucifer and also hungry for spoilers, if there are any!

Lucifer Season 5 will release in 2020 probably as the year has almost come to an end, with that it is expected that the final season will be very intriguing and will have many deaths.

It’s the last season, so I’m suspecting that one or multiple of the show’s main characters will face death. It seems that character could be Dr. Linda Martin which is played by Rachael Harris.

I’m basing this assumption on the tweet posted by the Lucifer Writers Room Twitter account.

Apparently, without saying much, the tweet provides little information and a whole lot of curiosity, here’s the Tweet:

Fans are suggesting that the titles name could be “Problem Child”, “Goodbye Devil”, “Goodbye Anyone” but I think it could be “Goodbye Martin”????

Now there are a few reasons for Goodbye Martin, the tweet has an emoticon with glasses, and Linda Martin is the only character that wears glasses in the series. If you’ve missed the previous episodes here’s how to watch Lucifer online from anywhere.

She is also the smartest as we see in Season 4 that she deals with everybody’s problems whilst having countless of her own.

What do you guys think? drop in your ideas in the comment section below!

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