Lucifer Season 6 Episode to Bring Light on The Black Live Matter Movement.

lucifer season 6

Executive producer Ildy Modrovich told ET Online, “When we got back to the writer’s room, we started looking at the fact that we’re a cop show and in what ways have we contributed or not addressed the systemic issues of the police department. And we decided we wanted to speak to it. So we’re actually doing a story that speaks directly to it, and we’re super excited about it,” Modrovich said, pointing at the criticisms TV police dramas and comedies were faced at the start this year.

This is going to be the sixth and last season of the highly acclaimed show Lucifer, Modrovich also revealed that she was pretty frightened about writing the episode because it’s going to have a big impact. Regarding her nervousness, she stated, “because I want to get it right, the storyline will be told through our characters’ eyes from an emotional place and not a preachy place, To really look at the situation socially, emotionally and have it resonate on a deeper level than just words or rhetoric.”

“What we did want to do was speak to the cultural reckoning we’re all going through and, I think, we’ll be continuing to go through, and our place in it and our responsibility to say something,” stated Executive Producer Joe Henderson explained,

The creative team also invited cast members to in the discussion to seek their advice as well, Henderson explained, “It’s very important to all of them, too, D.B. [Woodside] was one of the people in particular that we really engaged with it, as well as Lesley-Ann [Brandt], with Tom [Ellis]. Normally we pitch them their stories and a little bit of mythology, but this is a thing that almost all of them asked about, so we’ve listened to them, and we’ve tried to make it as much of a conversation as possible and a listening exercise.”

The first half of Season 5 will premiere on Netflix on Friday, Aug. 21

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