Michael J. Fox Reunites With Christopher Lloyd at D.C Comic-Con & Share Photos With Fans

The immensely popular stars of “Back to the Future,” Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, met on Sunday at D.C’s comic-con event, a.k.a Awesome Con. It is quite shocking that the “Back to the Future” franchise is still going strong and has a place in the viewers’ hearts even after 36 years!

The 1985 comedy sci-fi film focused on a teenager, Marty McFly, who is accidentally sent back into the year 1955 by a time travel machine, the DeLorean, which is created by his friend “Doc” Brown. McFly mistakenly changes the history of his parents, and now he must find a way to make them fall for each other and come back to the present; otherwise, his existence would be wiped out.
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What else would come to mind seeing them together than the famous phrase, “Great Scott!.” Fox, who is now 60, and Lloyd 82, took some photos together and shared them on Instagram, which really got the fans excited!

Lloyd shared a candid picture with Fox and invited his followers to caption the picture.


While Fox, on the other hand, also shared a photo of them sitting in a golf cart together, and that naturally reminded everyone of the “DeLorean.” Fans enjoyed seeing them in a golf cart and joked whether this was the new DeLorean and if it went as fast as 88 miles an hour, which was the speed DeLorean took to travel through time.


This is the second time in a year when fans got the chance to see this unforgettable duo together. Last time the two, along with their other fellow co-stars, met remotely in a reunion with the “Frozen” actor Josh Gad.

Before that, the two were seen together in 2015 on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In fact, the two also reprised their roles for a small skit on the live show!

The Robert Zemeckis directed film, Back to the future was such a great success that it grossed around $400 at the box office. It is indeed a great financial success, considering that the figures are from 1985.

The film’s success led to two sequels, one in 1989 and the other in 1990. However, in the sequels, Crispin Glover did not take up the role of George McFly as he demanded a much higher salary. So, instead, Jeffery Weissman, who resembled Glover, took over the role for parts 2 and 3. Although there was a need for heavy makeup and prosthetics to make him look even more live Glover, Weissman did such a great job with the mannerisms and imitation of voice that till today not many know that it was Weissman playing George McFly and not Glover.

ScreenBinge conducted an exclusive interview with Jeffery Weissman regarding Back to the Future.

Another actor, Lea Thompson, who played Mc Fly’s mother, spoke to PEOPLE,

I think that there are so many levels to the movies that depending upon how old you are or what place you are in your life, you can get something different, It could be as simple as like, ‘Woah that car’s cool,'” Thompson said. Or it can be, ‘What a great message to tell my children’ that if you’re like George McFly, and you have the courage to stand up for yourself and the people you love at the right moment, you can change your life and your family’s life. It’s just like the perfect storm because it was nostalgic about the 50s and it’s nostalgic about the 80s,

Previously the film’s cast had a reunion in 2018 at Fan Expo Boston; it included Fox, Lloyd, Lea, and Thomas Wilson. The cast had a panel discussion regarding the franchise, signed autographs, and also took photos together.

Wilson posted a photo from the event with the caption,

Wow. This just happened.


Here are some of the best moments from the Back to the Future Trilogy;

So, will there be a Back to the Future reprisal? Fans would, of course, love that! But, unfortunately, Zemeckis holds the rights to the franchise and has made it clear that he will stop all attempts to remake or reboot the franchise. Seeing Lloyd and Fox return on the screen together is unlikely to happen, therefore, at least, in these roles.

Even Wilson commented on the matter to MassLive.com saying,

Basically, I think America is saying, ‘Come on they’ve wrecked every other franchise with bad sequels, why not this one?

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