Modern Family’s Star, Julie Bowen, helped to rescue a New Jersey woman hiker who collapsed on the trail in a Utah Park

Heard how Julie Bowen & her sister (a doctor) saved the life of a woman in Utah? Minnie John wrote in a Facebook post about how she started her hike in the Utah national park with her family on Aug 2. The family was there to see the Delicate Arch, one of the most unusual sights ever. The free-standing Arch is 46 feet high & 32 feet wide.

Soon after starting, John realized she was not feeling too well to complete the hike. She told her family to move forward; however, she sat on a rock to catch her breath. “All I remember is sitting there with my head in my hands secure on the rock,” John wrote in her Facebook post.

She said that Julie Bowen, her sister Annie & a guide were also hiking to see the incredible Arch when they saw her falling forward. They ran to her and realized that she had broken her nose and the skin around her nose.

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When she was asked multiple questions in a familiar voice, she wondered if she was watching TV. Her eyes were closed, but she could feel them cleaning her face and bandaging her up. John further said, when she opened her eyes she realized that the person in front of her looked very familiar. She asked her if she knew her or if she was famous, and the doctor said yes.

When John’s brain started to comprehend more, she realized that the person standing in front of her was none other than her favorite star Julie Bowen from the famous sitcom “Modern Family.” John Told her that she was so beautiful, and then Bowen introduced John to her sister Annie Luetkemeyer, a doctor.

She said in her Facebook post, “They could have just ignored me, passed on, but they didn’t, She could have gone on — she must have had a busy agenda that was disturbed because of me. They treated me, a stranger, with love and respect.”

Minnie John further said in her post that she has diabetes and had low blood sugar because of not eating anything since breakfast on the day of the hike. As a result, she was extremely dehydrated as well that caused her to collapse.

After cleaning her up & bandaging her wounds, Dr. Luetkemeyer gave her electrolytes, medicines & pretzels. John shared that Bowen also helped her get in touch with her husband Brandan and that others on the trail even ran ahead to flag down John’s family.

“Such wonderful men and women, selflessly giving of themselves,” John gushed over the people who helped her on the trail that day. “God bless them!”


Bowen & Luetkemeyer both lifted her on the same rock she had fallen off of. Once she settled down on the rock, Bowen used her cell phone to call her husband and waited until John’s family returned.

Meanwhile, John asked if she could take a picture, and Bowen hugged her and said, “Of course.” 

John said, “They were so down to earth, so genuine, so sweet: Not at all how you might expect a big actor or a big doctor to be — which they are. They were just so humble, so loving.”

John further wrote in her Facebook post that her family reached her after 15 minutes, and they were panic-stricken. They could have lost her if she had fallen sideways or backwards.

She received her treatment later in Moab Regional Hospital, where she was given five stitches & was also told that her nose was fractured.

This is what she wrote at the end of her Facebook post,” I knew I’d never meet them again, but I appreciated and admired the human part of what they did — selfless, not selfish,” she added. “We tend to forget the daily kindnesses we encounter. We’re blind to everything around us and don’t imagine that people will be so good, kind and caring.”

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