Morbius Trailer Out- It’s all Connected!

Morbius Trailer Out- It’s all Connected!

The first trailer for Sony and Marvels Morbius is here and it reveals that it takes place in the same universe as tom Hollands Spiderman so not only is this movie technically connected to MCU but it features an appearance from Michael Keaton Vulture that we last saw in prison.

morbius- vulture

And if the trailer doesn’t make it clearer, it even reminds us that Mobius is coming from the studio that brought you Spiderman- Home Coming, Far from Home and Venom. This is all a big shock because the Venom movie didn’t have any connection with Spiderman or the MCU but this trailer really makes a point that it’s all connected!

We also see a Spiderman poster with Murderer written across it, these small acknowledgments may have big ramifications in the movie. The trailer is definitely made very smartly by dropping small hints for the real fans who understand everything and can find a connection between all these Characters!

Spiderman was framed for Mysterio’s murder at the end of far from home, so this display of the Spiderman poster proves that the whole Morbius thing happens after the events of far from home.

What that means is that Morbius and the rest of the world know that Peter Parker is Spiderman! In the comics, Morbius is shown as an enemy to Spiderman but occasionally teams up with Spidey against Venom. Now there is a huge possibility that we get to see some sort of an encounter between Morbius and Venom.

However, the biggest take away from the trailer that we get is that Sony is setting up its sinister six! We already know Vulture, Scorpion, Shocker and now Morbius and Venom are on the scene and if Mysterio somehow survived in far from home Sony has more than enough villains for setting the ground for future films!

Let us know what your take on the Morbius trailer is and if you find that these connections do make sense!