Netflix Admits To Lowering Streaming Quality.

The COVID-19 has even brought Netflix to take precautions, due to the massive lock down traffic on streaming services has risen exponentially and therefore Netflix has decided to lower video resolution.

The streaming giant has admitted that due to the sharp spike in traffic on its platform, it has had to take this precautionary speed in order to aid it’s internet infrastructure handle the increased traffic. However there are several ways to increase buffering issues.

As people are home, taking containment measures, demand for online content is increasing more and more. This measure has been taken by Netflix to prevent technological failure.

However, as per Netflix, the reduction quality will only affect the European region. The move follows after a request from the European Union commissioner Thierry Breton to streaming platforms to lower resolution in this time to ease up the fully-loaded networks.

He stated, “To secure internet access for all, let’s switch to standard definition when HD is not necessary,”. Here’s the Tweet.