Netflix Cancels “The Irregulars” and Fans are Losing Their Minds!

It is not the first time that Netflix canceled a popular show. Last time we saw the power of the people when everyone petitioned for a new season of Lucifer. Now Netflix is bringing one of its most intriguing shows to an end, The Irregulars. The show ran parallel to the stories of Sherlock Holmes, making it a one-of-a-kind series to watch.

This news comes between what looks like a string of many such decisions. Netflix has also decided not to renew its other series, “The Duchess” and “The last kingdom”. The story of The Irregulars revolves around a bunch of unattended street teens with special talents who are tricked into solving crimes by Dr. Watson and the famously mysterious Sherlock Holmes. The series takes an unusual supernatural turn where a dark power emerges to cause harm to humanity. Now it is up to the Irregulars to save not just London but the entire world.

Netflix takes into account the audience watching a particular show in a specific region and then decides whether to make the series available in that region or not. The same criteria are followed while deciding whether to continue with the further production of the show.

One reason why Netflix may have canceled The Irregulars is that on Rotten Tomatoes, the show scored 58% from the audience. However, the critics’ score was 78%, much higher than the audience score. It indicates that maybe the show did not properly catch the attention of the audience.

The Irregulars was based on the stories by Sherlock Holme’s writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The show starred Thaddea Graham as Bea, the head of the gang, along with McKell David, Jojo Macari, Harrison Osterfield, and Darci Shaw, while Henry Lloyd-Hughes appears as a recurring cast member.

Fans are upset with the cancellation news and have headed to Twitter to show their heartbreak.

Netflix has not commented on the cancellation of the show. However, according to Nielson’s data, they amassed a viewership of 643 million. Compared to the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which pulled in an audience of 628 million viewers, it can’t be said that The Irregulars did a bad job.

Even though Rotten Tomatoes’ audience scores aren’t so supportive, it must be considered that they only represent a tiny fraction of the actual viewer base. After all, the show was in the first position for two weeks in the US and the UK. And even on social media, we can see countless people complaining about the show coming to an end. So, it’s tough to exactly point out what is Netflix’s reason for canning the show.

At least one thing that keeps the audience at rest is that thankfully the show didn’t end abruptly on a cliffhanger. So, there isn’t much that would keep you wondering where the show could have led. That’s a bit comforting after all.

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