Netflix Launches Shuffle Button For Indecisive Users


There is no denying that Netflix is loved by many and has a cult-like following. But one thing users have always complained about is the platform’s search feature which is not so great.

Fans have also been asking for a shuffle feature for years and finally, Netflix has introduced it to cater to the demands of its audience. Previously you could do so with third-party apps such as Netflix Roulette, which would often crash.

With the emergence of many other streaming platforms, we can see that Netflix isn’t being lazy and depending on its highest share in SVOD services. It has been improvising continuously to maintain and grow its share, a recent example is the $200 Million film that Netflix is producing.

So coming back to the shuffle feature, the platform has introduced a “Play something” button on the side menu, once clicked, Netflix takes you to a random film.

For series Netflix has introduced a ‘Play Random Episode’ button, even though the random episode button makes little sense but would work well for shows like “Rick and Morty” or some show that you’ve seen before and just can’t have enough of it (Narcos & Sacred Games in my case).

Why don’t I see the shuffle option?

If the option is not available yet on your app, don’t worry, it will soon be there. It has remained Netflix’s strategy to roll out features gradually so that if a particular feature is not received well, they can stop it.

However, this feature has been demanded for since a long time, so it will definitely be available to you, if it’s not now.

As per Netflix, it is gathering feedback on the feature and from there the streaming giant will decide whether to roll it out to more users. Judging by the online reaction to the shuffle option, it appears that feedback is going well.

Many have called this feature ‘a game-changer’ also because of the insanely vast library and number of titles that the platform has to offer.

Netflix has also added one more new feature.

Users can now remove movies and series from their “Continue Watching” line up, it’s a great addition as it will help remove the unnecessary clutter from their profile.

To remove a title from the lineup on your mobile device, click on the three dots below it and select “Remove from Row”.

Mohid Moosani

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