Netflix Offers $600 Million to Buy ‘James Bond: No Time to Die’


James Bond: No Time to Die, is just waiting for the last decision of MGM, Netflix wants to purchase the film. Owing to the current pandemic, 007’s new movie missed the cinemas. According to Business Insider, the acquisition of the content is in the works and no official statement has yet been made by any party.

Are you ready to watch Netflix’s latest James Bond movie? If it’s the way you think. Once MGM and Netflix agree on this film, you’ll have to wait a while longer. This is the 25th Bond film, and Daniel Craig’s last one also features as a lead cast, and in April 2020 they typically want to premiere in cinemas. But the release date has been postponed due to an enormous ongoing pandemic crisis. Now, the official release date has been set as 2 April 2021.

MGM, however, thought of selling all rights to one of the largest streaming sites such as Netflix, Disney+, Apple+, or others for the films.

Is Netflix going to release the film ‘James Bond: No Time to Die’?

Possibly it looks that way. Since Netflix and other platforms want to use their service to debut this movie. In 2021, we hope Netflix will add this Bond movie to its collection.

There are some certain rumors about that one of the writer tweet about that and says, “I can’t get my head around the idea that we may well see James Bond debut on Apple TV+ or Netflix. The numbers I’ve been hearing the last few days are I N S A N E…”

Too many sources have reported that Apple has attempted to prepare a proposal for a 12-month license ranging from $350 million to $400 million with Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die. That was well below the $650 million to $700 million range. One source also said MGM was trying to establish such a contract for this film.

Before the pandemic kills the film industry, MGM would like to be sold to another studio or streaming site. Ulrich, sources conversations, decided to negotiate with the corporation in the area of $8 billion. “This is a high sum of money and although MGM manages a library of 4,000 titles, many intellectual titles that have also been highly profited, from” The Silence of Lambs” to “Rocky. MGM’s most important productions and Bond is the reason why this Bond movie is also being released by an Apple or Netflix planning a trillion shell.

James Bond: No Time to Die ‘film cost $1 million in interest per month to the studio as it sits on the catalog. Watch the below trailer!

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