Netflix Removes Free Trial Option

Netflix Removes Free Trial Option

The streaming giant has taken a stiff decision in the midst of rising competition from new platforms such as Disney Plus, HBO Max and Peacock. Netflix will remove its one-month free trial from March in France.

This is a decision that will definitely annoy existing and potential subscribers as it does reflect the removal of one feature that the company offered.

The free trial option has been taken advantage of by countless users, creating multiple email accounts.

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While Netflix continues to expand its catalog for the month of February, this news has created general anger and annoyance amongst users and they took it to twitter as well!

The worst part is that it’s not only France where the trial option has been removed. But Belgium and Spain also face the same fate.

In a time where Netflix has already increased its rates, this new move seems one against the tides. It won’t help with the key issue that Netflix suffers. And that is password sharing which costs it almost $140 million annually in potential earnings.

The removal of the free trial has been done without any official statement from Netflix’s Media Center, which is the source of all announcements by the company.

There is no possible explanation as to why Netflix would make such a move. But given the fact that France alone has 7 million subscribers means that the platform has well penetrated into the country.