Netflix Under Fire for Sexualizing Kids in “Cuties” Poster


Cuties is actually a French-language film directed by Maïmouna Doucoure and has hit the French theaters on August 19th and is set to release on Netflix in September.

This particular film, which bagged the World Cinema Dramatic Directing award at the Sundance Film Festival in January, portrays the struggles of a Senegalese immigrant female called Amy, who’s frustrated of the conservative parents take fascination with a contemporary female dance team named Cuties.

Netflix is actually under fire for posting, what many believe is actually, an inappropriate image showing kid actors getting in dance postures that are sensual from the film Cuties.

The streaming giant has since tendered a public apology for hurting the emotions of it great audience base, Subscribers called out the platform for different levels of disgrace that the artwork has caused.

In this debatable artwork and in the film, the characters are actually of eleven years of age, while leading actress Fathia Youssouf is in fact of that age.

Their seemingly sexualized portrayal irked numerous people as soon as Netflix released the poster promoting Cuties before the release on the platform on September 9th.

Social media users vented the outrage online of calling out the streaming giant.

Among the infuriated users, some attacked Netflix head-on for allegedly sexualizing Black actresses as young as eleven.

Some said they canceled the Netflix subscriptions of theirs after that infamous artwork irritated them.

To take the protest a notch up, the Parents Television Council objected to this particular depiction and asked Netflix to strike off its upcoming release.

Another angry user alleged that Netflix is indirectly promoting pedophilia through the film and this artwork.

An infuriated user uploaded a brief chat with a Netflix official on Instagram, filled with strong allegations against the platform.

The official, nonetheless, remained neutral in their response.

In the apology, Netflix said the poster “was not OK, neither was it symbolic of this French film.”

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