Netflix To Bring Adaptation Of LGBT YA Graphic Novel “Heartstopper”

Netflix has ordered a series of drama based on the graphic novel Heartstopper, by Alice Oseman. Euros Lyn, from See-Saw Films, will be directing the project. Alice Oseman’s hugely-popular LGBT young adult graphic novel series follows Charlie and Nick All 8 half-hour episodes from the series focused on Charlie and Nick, who became friends at an all-boys school in Kent and then the two of them soon became romantic.

Started originally as a web comic on Tumblr and Tapas, Oseman’s volume 4 Heartstopper Series has since been published this May. The story follows Charlie and Nick, meeting with friends at a school for boys in Kent, and quickly discovering a romance between them. Charlie and Nick fall over each other’s heads over the series. Along their way of realising that there is a strong community of friends and allies around you that will help you to access your genuine self, but there is no ‘righteous way’ to teach you.

“I am over the moon that Heartstopper has found a place at Netflix,” said Oseman. “Netflix is totally in support of my and See-Saw’s vision for the show, and I feel incredibly lucky to get to work with a team of passionate, creative people who all adore Heartstopper and want to make it the most beautiful show we can. It’s a joy and an honour to get to re-tell Nick and Charlie’s story for TV and I am so excited to share it not only with Heartstopper’s existing readership, but also a whole new audience around the world.”

Alice Oseman

Added Lyn: “I’m thrilled to be directing all eight episodes of Alice Osman’s glorious Heartstopper and can’t wait to bring the drama and humour of this joyous boy-meets-boy love story to the screen.”

See-Saw’ exec producer Patrick Walters said: “Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper is joyful tonic for these troubled times. It is an affecting graphic novel that’s on-screen version will pack a real emotional punch for today’s LGBTQIA+ teens. At See-Saw a top priority is to find stories that champion the underdog, and in Charlie and Nick we’ve been able to do exactly that. To have attached a filmmaker as uniquely talented and passionate as Euros Lyn to helm the series is a dream come true.”

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