Netflix to Make Jimmy Savile Documentary


Netflix is said to be looking into another major crime story. It is allegedly working on a narrative on the disgraced performer Jimmy Savile, who was uncovered as a serial sexual abuser which was revealed after his death.

The streaming service has built a ground for genuine crime documentaries, as of late launching hard-hitting titles including The Vanishing of Madeleine McCann and Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. Now, Netflix is reputed to be turning their consideration to one of the foremost notorious scandals in British history, when popular children’s TV presenter Jimmy Savile was uncovered to be a pedophile and sex offender.

According to The Sun, the feature-length film will investigate Savile’s life before his crimes were uncovered, analyzing his connections with celebrated faces and how he sidestepped capture in spite of his position within the open eye. has approached Netflix for comment on the accuracy of these reports. Ultimately, it was an ITV documentary that circulated nearly one year after Savile’s passing that uncovered his genuine nature, provoking a colossal number of attack claims as well as allegations about cover-ups.

The TV moderator had been granted an OBE in 1971 and was knighted in 1990 for “charitable services,” two respects which naturally expire when an individual dies. Netflix has as of late fortified its claim to being the home of genuine crime documentaries by restoring Unsolved Secrets, which handles puzzling cases that have long gone cold.

Mohid Moosani

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