Netflix’s Resident Evil Filming to Start in June.

Netflix’s Resident Evil Filming to Start in June.

As per the latest reports by Redanian Intelligence, the Netflix series of Resident Evil will start filming this June. As per the location details, it has been revealed the shooting will start in South Africa, we also have news that the shooting is to be wrapped up by October.

It must also be kept in mind that even after the shooting editing and special effects will still need many months. There will be 8 episodes, which is the general trend with Netflix Originals.

Here’s the trailer, check it out for yourself!

The company behind the production of the original Resident Evil films has been waffling back and forth since as to whether should a film be made or a series, finally coming up with The Final Chapter, probably Paul W.S. Anderson’s last of the Resident Evil universe.

Recent rumors also indicate that the new series will either be a spin-off from Anderson’s version or some totally different idea that has no relationship with the games nor the movies.